Thomas Gibson: “I’m disappointed by what’s happened.”


Sacked Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson has joined Twitter to thank fans for their support, after being dismissed from the US procedural.

CBS and ABC Studios fired him from the show after initially suspending him following an alleged altercation with a writer on set.

He has since hired a Los Angeles law firm to pursue possible legal claims against producers.


  1. Unless they can nab a huge name for next season, this season will be the last. It was already going to be a hard sell with their second biggest star gone next season – losing their leading cast member will prove to be too much for the show to cope with. The rest of the cast will almost certainly be putting their feelers out for new opportunities in 2017 after this development. It’s a shame, because it really is a fantastic show. What was Thomas Gibson thinking?!

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I do not watch the show…dont know the man…neither do I know what happened…but anyone I have mentioned this story to…that do watch it…say they will not now…with him gone….Seems he has quite a following…..

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