TV dominates Olympics audience over mobile, online viewers.

Seven reached over 14 million Olympics viewers aged 14+, most of them via traditional TV.


Seven reached over 14 million Olympics viewers aged 14+ via television, website and app, social media, and YouTube, according to data from Roy Morgan Research.

The number includes 13.2 million who tuned in to broadcast TV coverage on channels 7, 7HD, 7TWO and 7mate -streets ahead of other platforms.

Seven’s Digital platforms found a combined audience of over 2.9 million people: 1,735,000 streamed coverage directly through the Olympics on 7 website or app (with 1,243,000 and 829,000 users respectively), and 1,571,000 engaged with Seven’s Olympics content through its social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The figures differ slightly from those claimed by Seven, which cited over 18m TV viewers, with a total of 37.7m online streams -although Roy Morgan data is 14+ and does not include Australia’s 4.2 million 0-13 year-olds.

Michele Levine, CEO – Roy Morgan Research, says: “This is the first Olympic Games operating in a truly multiplatform environment. But all the noise around clicks, streams and views overlooks measuring just how many people used one or several platforms to watch the events, and therefore how many people tuned in.

“Roy Morgan Single Source has for years measured audiences across platforms to deliver true de-duplicated total Audiences. This latest research shows that 95% of Olympics viewers watched content through the Australian broadcast rights holder, Network Seven – and 94% of Seven’s audience viewed the event on traditional broadcast TV.

“The digital platforms added many different ways for Australians to engage with the Olympics. Not only did Digital extend Seven’s TV audience by an additional 821,000 Australians 14 and over, but 2.1 million TV viewers (16% of them) boosted their engagement with Seven’s Olympics content via web, app, and social media.”


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  1. I’ve always had problems with statistics. One company says x rates better than y and therefore it must be true. If you had maybe if 10 statistics company’s saying the same thing , then maybe 10% of the fact is correct.

  2. I bought the Seven/Telstra app on my desktop because it was the only way I could watch discus, weightlifting, shot put and hammer throw. I liked it because it was in HD and I could watch it whenever I wanted. I also liked the unedited direct feed from the OBS sans commentary without having to put up with the “Gold, gold gold!” and “oi, oi, oi!” BS we’ve had to put up with in the past. Hopefully this will become the norm for future Olympics n the days of having to sit in front of TVs juggling Foxtel channels and putting up with endless ads, “fat arsed wombats” and “Yum Cha” are in the past.

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