TV tribes forming new Reality alliances


Monday night proved to be an interesting fall-out of numbers in our new Reality TV battle.

In Sydney, Adelaide and Perth viewers preferred Zumbo’s Just Desserts. The gap was biggest in Perth, but it was also huge in Sydney, meaning more publicity and marketing to come from its rivals.

In Melbourne and Brisbane The Block came out on top, with tighter gaps between first and second shows.

Quite a few media today have taken a knife to Just Desserts, with many citing a negative reaction online.

Amongst the headlines running today are:

Zumbo’s ‘achingly boring’ TV show torn to shreds
Why Channel 7’s Zumbo’s Just Desserts falls flat
‘Over produced’ Zumbo slammed on Twitter, but still hits a million
Adriano Zumbo’s Just Desserts brings all kinds of crazy to Australian foodie television
Just Desserts continues Seven’s ratings winning run after Olympics

Australian Survivor ranked lowest of the three new shows in all 5 cities despite its positive social media reaction. Its biggest audience is in Melbourne.

Yesterday TEN Programming Chief Beverley McGarvey said, “We are pleased with how Australians responded to the first episode of Australian Survivor. It attracted solid audience numbers on television and on social media, and increased TEN’s audience in its timeslot significantly. The feedback on the 24 contestants and our host Jonathan LaPaglia has been very positive. And this is just the start. The rest of the series gets more exciting, spectacular and engaging, starting tonight with a brilliant challenge and tribal council.”

Now that curiosity is over for all three new seasons it will be interesting to see where things move from here.

It won’t be until next Monday night when all 3 go head to head once more.

So far it’s Round 1 to Seven.


  1. I’m not a watcher of reality shows, except Masterchef, but decided I’d try Survivor following a good review, and was pleasantly surprised. I really quite enjoyed it, so far, and I think Jonathan LaPaglia is an excellent host. It’s a show you can pop in an out of, and if you want to know who was turfed out the previous night, just watch The Project, who invariably interview the ‘turfee’.

    • But it does show viewer engagement to the show. If I were an advertiser looking to advertise on a show, I would rather a show with a more engaged show with a slightly lower viewership then the less engaged show with slightly higher viewership (of course, that is only the case to a certian extent)

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