Update: Australian Survivor now Sunday to Tuesday

In a move to build its following, TEN is now screening now screening Survivor three nights a week.


TEN is stepping up the number of Australian Survivor episodes from next week, adding an extra episode on Tuesday nights.

It will now screen 7:30pm Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

The move appears to be a plan to build the audience given the show has trailed The Block and Zumbo’s Just Desserts. While feedback has been strong for Survivor it has been softer in its numbers, with 784,000 its best figure so far.

But the move does bring it closer to a ‘stripped’ format, with Australian networks barely able to resist the ‘less is more’ approach of a weekly format.

It will also mean the show now finishes earlier in TEN’s annual schedule, leaving some premium slots to fill later in the year -no doubt some juggling going on as we speak.

As a result of the change, Modern Family (repeat) and Life in Pieces are currently out of Tuesdays.

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  1. That’s a bummer, I’d personally just prefer it once a week, not into the stripped format of reality shows (except Big Brother which needs it), it’s too much time commitment and it’s also nice to be able to have something to look forward to for a week.

  2. Good news but It should have been Sun-Wed from the start, I know I would watch It every night like Masterchef. One day Ten will hopefully go back to their 7pm starts for reality shows, Ten was best when this was the case, The project does not need 1hr

  3. i thought 2 eps a week was wrong know 3 they really know how to stuff shows up here
    it makes it almost impossible to catch up and i reckon in 2 to 3 weeks it will be under 500 000 per ep

  4. They just couldn’t help themselves. Love Survivor, but hate stripped reality shows – was willing to accept 2 nights, 3 nights though probably concludes my support. Best of luck to 10 with their strategy, but if they manage to run it into the ground in the first season after that much goodwill and people interested in applying, they deserve a medal for gross ineptitude.

  5. I really hope going three nights a week doesn’t ruin the show…

    TEN know there is a fan base and I’d hope they won’t chop and change and never air the show again. They need to continue like they have done for the niche group of viewers as we are the core of people who enjoy the show. Change it once only next season and then keep it that way. You know what Nine did with US Survivor and Top Gear… don’t make the mistake, please!

    Btw, love the show… not so much the ‘Strayyyyyan accents… but I’m dealing with it :/

  6. Is a repeat of Modern Family and a new Life in Pieces going so badly that it needs replacing? I’m guessing yes.
    Wouldn’t mind betting Life in Pieces ends up at 9.30 or 10.30 Friday, would fill one of those constant TBA’s nicely.

  7. Why do Aussie shows (reality especially) always have to air multiple episodes every week??
    Follow the original format…. 1 episode once a week!!
    Instead of killing a show, commission more content so you have more variety.

    1. The longevity of the Us franchis is that it is 13 1 hour episodes with the survivors on the island for only 39 days. Of course Ten Australia thinks they know better so of course they supersize it with more contestants more eps & of course longer eps. Loved US Survivor but this is already losing me.

      1. In fairness, there are several successful editions which do not conform to the US show.

        Over the course of my winter break from Uni, I watched a season of the Isreali edition (subtitled on Youtube) which had 20 players on the island for 52 days with the elimination cycle spread over two episodes (first ep would have the reward and immunity challenges and the second episode would have a veto power challenge (for everyone going to Tribal to win the power to stop someone from voting) and the tribal) and the episode format worked well. I wouldn’t mind watching more (if I could find more subtitled seasons)

        The Israeli edition has run successfully 7 seasons (6 on one channel before they had legal issues with the Castaway productions before jumping to another channel for the 7th and upcoming 8th seasons) and many other editions of the show have adopted their change to the format and…

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