Young adult sci-fi We Were Tomorrow moves from big to small screen

A feature reformatted as a young adult series will soon film final scenes in Queensland.


A young adult sci-fi series is in its final stages of filming in Queensland.

We Were Tomorrow by Mad Lane Productions has been filming in China, Thailand and Queensland locales including Ipswich, Rosewood and Grandchester. Final filming will take place in Rockhampton from late August.

The project follows the journey of twin siblings who are forced to navigate through three lifetimes to escape a dying world and an immortal hunter.

The cast includes Gyton Grantley, Chai Romruen, Nikolai Nikolaeff, Tim Pocock, Alicia Banit Christopher Kirby, Lara Jean Marshall, Maya Stange and its creator / producer Madeleine Kennedy.

Producers are reportedly in final negotiations to secure Delta Goodrem, recently announced as joining House Husbands, for a role.

Producer Madeleine Kennedy confirmed to TV Tonight the project was originally filmed as a feature but due to market interest has since been reformatted as a series.

It is due to be delivered to a domestic & international broadcaster in late September.

When a meteor collides with the moon, the Earth is ravaged by catastrophic natural disasters. A small percentage of the population is relocated to an alternate world – the New World – and given three lifetimes to rebuild humanity. With the New World in dire straits, twin siblings, Noah and Evelyn, must navigate through three lifetimes to find William and Siena, who bare the other half of their branded keys. The keys, when connected, open a doorway to Earth, a year before the meteor hits, enabling them to warn mankind. Cain, a man cursed with immortality, hunts them down to stop them.

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