A Place to Call Home poised for renewal


It’s good news for Marta Dusseldorp fans with A Place to Call Home poised to be renewed.

This week at the ASTRA Conference in Sydney she acknowledged more of her ABC and Foxtel shows.

“Each of these shows have amazing writers,” she said during the Women In Television breakfast.

“If I take for example, Janet King, Greg Haddrick is the creator of it but next to him are five women. I muscled my way in in season two as a producer and it was purely a title to say that I was welcome. I thought, I do it anyway, I am on set, writing, talking, discussing the storyline.

“And that was great. I was in the plotting room right from the beginning. Right now, Michelle (Guthrie) will be happy to know we are plotting season three and I have got the first four episodes, second draft, sitting next to my bed and I have started reading them.”

Corrected: Janet King was renewed by ABC some months ago.

Later in describing the family environment on A Place to Call Home she said, “When I came on board, I signed for two seasons, there was total collaboration.

“Now we are going to season five, maybe. That will be announced soon.

“Sorry! Forget I said that!”

Meanwhile Season 4 begins on Showcase this Sunday.


  1. Ah, thrilled Janet King is coming back next year, a good solid performer for the ABC. Oh to be Marta Dussledorp, if you’re an actor, she never seems to be out of work

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