Australian Survivor: The Jury Villa


TEN has announced an online extra for Australian Survivor fans, following tonight’s episode.

The Jury Villa will follow eliminated contestants who comprise the final jury, with the first to be announced tonight.

The online series will follow eliminated contestants from Tribal Council to the Jury Villa, a “half-way house between civilisation and the game.”

Viewers will see how the eliminated contestants interact with each other away from camp, as they discuss strategies and what really happened while on Samoa.

Relationships will form and change as they learn more about each other and reveal if their behaviour in the game was genuine or just part of a strategy.

The gameplay continues in the Jury Villa as the contestants decide what kind of jury member they will be. Will their exit from the show influence the way they vote and where do their alliances truly lie?

At the Jury Villa, contestants enjoy their first proper meal in weeks, a hot shower, a comfortable bed to sleep in and the opportunity to see their reflection in a mirror for the first time since being marooned on the rugged tropical island.

They will also attend the final round of Tribal Councils to watch and listen to the remaining contestants and ultimately decide who will be chosen as the sole survivor.

The Jury Villa will be available to watch at after Australian Survivor on Tuesday 27 September.


  1. I hope they fix the TenPlay app to include The Jury Villa. The extra videos cannot be accessed on AppleTV’s TenPlay app and I really want to watch these. (I know, I should just use my laptop and stop whinging…).

  2. AnnMareefromTaree

    CBS have had a web series *exactly* like this for years called Ponderosa, often very enlightening. Can’t understand your criticism of Ten. I think they have done an excellent job. Much better than umpteen eps of dodgy renos

    • Other than making it a longer season (55 days as opposed to 39) with slightly more people (24 as opposed to 18-20) and a few extra non-traditional twists (the fake double elimination twist, for example), it is a good adaption of the show.

      Frankly, I like most of the changes for our series, not only do we know the castaways more as people thanks to the longer and more episodes but the changes nicely differentiates itself from the US edition without completely going off-track.

      Also, the US edition has a similar series. You can’t really say that this is a specific instance of the show turning into Big Brother as it is something that “the real deal” do and have done since Micronesia (season 16).

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