Bachelorette debut with Georgia Love trails 2015 with Sam Frost


The Bachelorette was big on social media last night, trending at #1 (and even trending worldwide), but that hasn’t quite been reflected in OzTAM numbers where the show launched much lower than it did in 2015.

Last night the series with Georgia Love debuted with 655,000, well down on Sam Frost’s 875,000 and Richie’s recent Bachelor launch at 882,000. The show was beaten by The Block, Anh’s Brush with Fame and Border Security. This season launches with a new, rather than returning, single which may have impacted numbers -but it’s early days.

It’s good news for Doctor Doctor which has lifted from 759,000 last week to 821,000. Winning the slot was Gruen, also up on last week.

Seven News topped the night with Home and Away their next best performer.

Nine network won with 28.1% then Seven 27.6%, ABC 19.5%, TEN 17.5% and SBS 7.3%.

Nine News was best for Nine with 952,000 / 941,000 then A Current Affair (902,000), Doctor Doctor (821,000), The Block (819,000) and Hot Seat (505,000). Amazing Medical Stories was 316,000.

Seven News was #1 with 10.4m / 1.02m for Seven then Home and Away (686,000), The Chase (662,000 / 456,000), Border Security (660,000), The Force (653,000) and Movie: Godzilla (426,000).

Gruen (832,000), ABC News (755,000), Anh’s Brush with Fame (710,000), 7:30 (624,000), The Katering Show (550,000), You Can’t Ask That (440,000) and QI (363,000) comprised ABC’s night.

The Bachelorette was best for TEN with 655,000. The Project drew 558,000 / 407,000 and TEN Eyewitness News was 458,000.

On SBS Great American Railroad Journeys was 357,000, 24 Hours in Emergency (210,000) and SBS World News (138,000) followed.

Peter Rabbit was again best on multichannels at 248,000.

Today: 334,000
Sunrise: 317,000
ABC News Breakfast: 88,000 / 35,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 21 September 2016


  1. How fragmentation and the internet have changed things – once 600,000 viewers out of a population of 24 million was considered a flop.
    Anyone remember the magic million saying? – actually it was’ not *that* long ago that Packed To The Rafters would pull in 2 million!

    • 600k is still not great for 7:30 in Overnight numbers. But yes timeshifted and fragmenting must always be factored in. FTA can still pull around 4m viewers on a good night, on 5 city metro and more for events.

  2. Doctor Doctor much better last night as it “settles in.”
    Missed my weekly fix of Catastrophe last night – don’t know why it wasn’t on.
    Love this show – really funny and clever and the two leads are brilliant.

  3. I wasn’t sold on the new Bachelorette. Maybe it was the promos and her reporting background, but she seemed a bit stiff. Then I watched the show and completely warmed to her, especially after that epic stack!
    She’s won me over but I think it may take time for people to feel the same amount of affection that they had for Sam Frost.

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