Ben Mendelsohn nabs Best Supporting Actor Emmy

It was second time lucky for Bloodline's Ben Mendelsohn -but he was absent on the big night.


Aussie Ben Mendelsohn has defeated some serious competition at the Emmy Awards today for his work on Bloodline S2.

Mendelsohn outshone such names as Jon Voight, Kit Harington, Jonathan Banks, Peter Dinklage and
Michael Kelly.

It was the second time he had been nominated in the Supporting Actor category. He was previously nominated for a Golden Globe too.

But he was not in attendance for the big night.

Mendelsohn has a lengthy CV with Australian TV credits including Love My Way, Tangle, The Secret Life of Us, The Henderson Kids, The Flying Doctors, Neighbours, plus numerous films. He has previously won AFI Awards, ASTRA Awards, IF Awards, Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards, and British Independent Film Awards.

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  1. Good for Ben … like many actors he’s hitting his straps in his (ahem) mature years, although I’m surprised he’s only 47, he seems to have been around for ever. Jackie Weaver’s a classic example, hitting stardom in her 60s. A lot of older British actors have had similar success internationally, e.g. Jim Broadbent and James Cromwell. Nice to see.

  2. Bloodline is a slow burn series, but entertaining enough to keep you interested. There is time to build characters and storylines without the pressure of ads. I have watched both seasons…

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