Block reveal tops Sunday reality battle

Ratings: Survivor slips to #4 in its slot. Nine leads primary channels, but Seven wins the night overall.


The Block reveal grabbed back its Sunday night crown in the reality battle with 1.07m viewers -despite being down on last week’s 1.15m viewers. Divisive scoring and volatile contestant comments helped the show top the demos.

The Big Music Quiz also lost ground dropping from 1.21m last week to 930,000 last night -a loss of 281,000 viewers. But Australian Survivor had to settle for #4 in its slot, losing another 102,000 viewers. At 560,000 it was its lowest performance so far. TEN’s show is struggling with no lead-in and rivals enjoying a half hour jump.

Sunday proved to be strong for Nine also winning with Nine News and 60 Minutes. It easily won the night in primary channel share, but Seven came out in front thanks to multichannels.

Vera was up for ABC but Grand Designs NZ was down slightly.

Seven network won 30.4% then Nine 29.4%, ABC 18.0%, TEN 15.1% and SBS 7.2%.

Seven News was best for Seven with 1.00m followed by The Big Music Quiz (930,000), Sunday Night (631,000) and Criminal Minds (413,000 / 281,000).

Nine News was #1 with 1.11m then The Block (1.07m), 60 Minutes (722,000) and Killer on the Line (322,000).

ABC News (763,000), Vera (716,000), Grand Designs NZ (612,000) and Compass (261,000) comprised ABC’s night.

Australian Survivor (560,000) was best for TEN. Modern Family was 397,000 / 317,000. TEN Eyewitness News was 292,000. FIA Formula One was 185,000 in 3 cities.

On SBS it was Treasures Decoded (283,000), World’s Biggest Sea Battle (198,000), SBS World News (189,000) and Curing Alzheimer’s (133,000).

7mate movie The Bourne Supremacy was best on multichannels with 242,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 4 September 2016.

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  1. Another Grand Designer has his plans thwarted by a local Council. However, the finished home looked fantastic but I wouldn’t like to see the firewood bill after a New Zealand winter.

    I watched the Bourne movie in letterbox, dolby sound with no ads, popups and watermark, followed by a timeshifted Vera which showed that Northumberland coal dust has deleterious effects on criminal minds.

  2. So I’m an avid Survivor fan. But last night it was Father’s Day, so didn’t watch – and with the episode spoiled after going onto the Daily Telegraph website, I won’t bother catching up with the episode. I know who got kicked out and know how it occurred.

    Sunday is a difficult night – quite often I’m doing stuff. Monday Tuesday only would be better, in my opinion. But as Dsvid said, easy to be an armchair programmer!! I just think the overt publicity is working against it, for me it did, I recorded it and when I read the story decided to just delete…

  3. TEN needs to take note and I agree with David. Maybe listen to what we say and not go off on your own tangent, because we are amateurs, we nay be but I reckon that there a lot of us out here on this site who have a great working knowledge of TV, and not just on the tech side like myself. I used to programme a movie cinema which ran second release movies. It always worked and we did make money, until the building was sold.

  4. As one who watches nothing live and records everything, lead-ins and lead-outs are meaningless to whether a show is watched or not. However there are still a large number of people who don’t own PVRs and watch everything live – the very people that will settle in to watch a show at 7pm and then stick to it rather than changing channels. Whether you believe in lead-ins or not, ratings continue to demonstrate they make a difference.

    Unfortunately Ten don’t appear to have listened to Survivor fans – many of the comments made here and other sites echo the same points – most of which include that show goes too long and is on too many nights per week. Another point is too many contestants to start with but not something they can change now.

    1. I don’t really think you can blame 10 for the extra contestants/days it’d be easier for a US network to outlay the cost than an Australian one, so I think you’ve got to give them a pass for trying to get a few extra episodes of ad revenue out of the venture.

  5. I am loving survivor . It’s well made but its ratings are dire so think all the points are valid . If show on Sunday then should have gone 630 or 7 or maybe even have started earlier in Olympics as The Bachelor still rated well. Timeshifted and online might help the figures

  6. “Survivor needs less ep’s, better lead in, different time etc etc”, maybe people just don’t like it? If you want to watch something you watch it, doesn’t matter what time it starts or what’s on before it, we EPG’s & catch up, live stream etc, whats on before & after is completely irrelevant. I for one can’t stand survivor, an hour ish of people talking into a camera about what they where talking about in front of a camera, maybe, just maybe i’m not the only one…

    1. To be fair, plenty of people did say beforehand that it wasn’t going to do well on Sunday, especially if Ten give their main competitors a half hour head start with no lead-in of their own. Many also said that a third night was too much before it had been broadcast (in fact, some said that 2 nights was 1 too many).

    1. That sounds interesting. I know they tried it at 6pm before Family Feud began, but what about a short and sharp 30mins at 6.30? That then ties in well with the 7pm end of the news on 7 and 9.

    2. They had a Sunday Edition of The Project at 6 in 2012 and this didn’t fare well against 7 & 9 News. Hence that edition has been cancelled. The weeknight editions at 6PM followed suit with the Sunday edition

  7. Another point – social media buzz doesn’t translate always into good TV ratings. That applies as much to Australian Survivor as it does to ABC shows like The Code, Barracuda, Cleverman, Upper Middle Bogan, Please Like Me etc

  8. I concur with the general consensus – take Survivor off Sunday nights, and limit it to one or two episodes per week. Yes, I know Channel 10 needs something else then for that 7.30 timeslot on a Sunday night……maybe they just need to concede that this time of the year that they might as well sacrifice Sunday nights and put on repeats of Modern Family for 2 hours, or something like that. The Survivor brand is too precious to be sabotaged and ruined by poor programming decisions.
    The Great Music Quiz – total garbage, I hope their audience continues to whittle away.
    Vera is a star performer for the ABC – who’d have picked that? It goes to show that good gritty British drama well acted and produced can work on Australian TV

  9. Loving Survivor, but agree with many others on here. Ten is killing it. 3 times a week is too much…and eps should be 1 hour like the US version, not 90 minutes. Get it off Sunday night and keep it on Monday/Tuesday. Even once a week would’ve been perfect, but that was never going to happen with so many contestants from the outset. In the US everyone just knows that Wednesday night is Survivor night. Ten should’ve done the same here.
    Disappointing that the last ep on Tuesday last week generated so much buzz on social media yet nothing to show for it on Sunday night.

    1. Survivor was never going to be produced for 1hr tv a week. And if Bach can go for 3hrs plus a week in Oz successfully (when it’s only 1hr in the US), then why not Survivor? I think the execs made a fair call that it would work.

  10. Why do TEN continue to give Nine and Seven a 30 minute advantage??

    I watched The Music Quiz again, not sure I liked it as much this week.
    – too many ads
    – not enough questions, why do we need the excessive dancing after every answer
    – bizarre 7 second lockout, if they know the answer they should be able to buzz immediately
    – the end round, whilst the songs are playing it would be nice if the host could lower his voice and remain quiet so the viewers can hear the songs too.

    1. The problems you list are the same as last week and why I stopped watching the first ep after about 15 min. It was always light on for actual content. Not sure that anything has changed?

        1. Therein lies the problem. People are resistant to change and will keep the TV on their ‘primary’ channel even if it is rubbish. True for Seven and Nine and a lesser extent ABC, although ABC just doesn’t put out the diabolical stuff the others can do from time to time.

  11. Ten has nobody to blame but themselves. The reason Survivor isn’t working is because of poor programming. It is a great show, just on the wrong night. You can’t compete with the Block or whatever Seven puts up. The Survivor audience isn’t a Masterchef audience and Survivor isn’t a Sunday night show.

  12. It’s beyond comprehension why Ten have left Survivor languishing in that 7.30 Sunday slot. Even an established brand like Masterchef regularly scored its lowest weekly rating in that slot on ten, how they expect a new product to work there, I have no idea. IMO Survivor should have been Monday/Tuesday from the outset.

  13. Once again many of the folk who post on here are smarter than highly paid so called professionals. Right from the start, most pointed out the obvious head start that 7 and 9 have on 10 on a Sunday. I had the horrible experience of watching 30 mins of Music Quiz last night….ugh….truely dire tv. Episode 4 (S2) of Narcos on netflix was awesome

  14. I find the judging on the Block to be deliberately inflammatory for ratings purposes. Feedback should be constructive and provide tips on what needs improving and how. Rather than subjective viewpoints that they contradict in the same judgement.
    On a different note, I wonder why 10 have resisted the urge to start their shows at 7pm on a Sunday?

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