Events upstage ratings week

Ratings: True crime takes Nine to the win, but AFL pulls in a whopping audience.


The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey drew big numbers on Monday and Tuesday. Added together with The Block it helped Nine win the week.

But it was Seven’s AFL on Saturday that pulled out a whopping 1.79m viewers for its Post Match (and 1.24m for the bulk of the match). AFL was almost enough to see Seven clinch the week.

In the end Nine stayed in front – just- in Total People and comfortably topped the Demos.

Nine: 30.5
Seven: 29.4
TEN: 16.7
ABC: 16.5
SBS: 6.9

Primary channel:
Nine: 22.7
Seven: 19.4
ABC / TEN: 11.6
SBS: 4.8

7mate: 4.2
7TWO: 3.7
GO!: 3.5
ABC2: 3.1
ONE: 2.7
7flix: 2.1
9Life: 1.9
ABC News 24: 1.1
SBS 2 / SBS Food Network: 0.9
ABC3: 0.7
NITV: 0.2

Nine won Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Seven scored Thursday, Friday and Saturday. ABC bettered TEN on Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Seven was victorious in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Nine won Sydney and Brisbane.

Best brands this week are:

Nine: The Block (1.21m), The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey (1.15m), Nine News (1.11m) and A Current Affair (831,000).

Seven: AFL (Post Match: 1.78m), Seven News (Sun: 1.1m), The Big Music Quiz (873,000) and Home and Away (686,000).

TEN: Gogglebox (706,000), The Bachelorette (Thurs: 703,000), Australian Survivor (Mon: 699,000) and Have You Been Paying Attention? (681,000).

ABC: ABC News (862,000), Gruen (832,000), Anh’s Brush with Fame (729,000) and Australian Story (699,000),

SBS: Who Do You Think You Are? (409,000), Great American Railroad Journeys (353,000), The Celts (329,000) and Insight (283,000).

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  1. was very surprised that The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey rated that well.
    Hey David any news as to when and if 10 will air the 3 part DrPhil interview with JonBenet Ramsey brother

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