Ex-Big Brother make-up artist vs Jackie O.


A former Big Brother make-up artist has fired off at Jackie O for “diva” like antics during the show’s final season on TEN in 2008 (yes that’s 8 years of holding a grudge, it seems).

Speaking about her clients, Carole Haddad from Brisbane’s Corcorz Hair salon told the Courier Mail “Everyone is lovely, except for Jackie O.”

This morning the KISS FM host called Haddad on air to query the claim, in which a fired-up Haddad told her that during Big Brother Jackie O never visited the hair and make-up room nor told them they were not required.

“We were booked to come for every Sunday,” Haddad said.

“As a single mum and I care for my mother, I travelled all the way down to Dreamworld to do your hair. You didn’t even turn up to hair and make-up. You did not even bother telling us not to come. You did your own hair and makeup.

“You actually totally ignored hair and makeup,” she said, “Not to turn up to hair and make-up, I thought that was rude.”

Jackie O explained she had told producers she would do her own hair and make-up, and claimed she was unaware there was a problem.

“Do you know how embarrassing it is for you in your profession to talk badly about people?” she said, “Do you know that’s the biggest ‘no-no’?”

“You are the Black Widow of the TV stations,” Haddad insisted.

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  1. Have never liked Jackie O or Kyle. Can’t understand why they are so popular. As for the hairdresser – I think she needs to build a bridge. If she is upset because she wasn’t paid – she should take it up with the Big Brother producers. All I can say is that I watched Big Brother with Gretel Killeen every night – but when these two took over it was the pits.

  2. I wouldn’t put it past Kyle and Jackie for this to just be a radio stunt but if it is true it sounds like by not requiring hair and make up she was the complete opposite of a diva.

  3. I don’t know what the hairdressers problem is, I’m sure she was paid whether she did the hair and make- up or not. I remember Senator Kay Patterson turning up at Nine Melbourne for a live cross for the Today show. She arrived with no make-up on, and hair needed doing, but no hair and make-up artist was on site, so one of the male floor managers did her hair and make-up lol.

  4. Can’t help but feel true “diva antics” would be the exact opposite of this. Sounds like she just preferred to do her own make-up and wasn’t aware of the issue?

    Kind of expected something worse based on what this woman said though.

    • She was married to her co-host, “Ugly” Phil O’Neil, very early in her career and he referred to her as “Jackie O” (in a nod to Jackie Onassis). She is on the record as stating that when she and Phil split up (many years ago), she wanted to change her name, but realised that it would have a negative impact on her career, as she was already well known as Jackie O. She’s since remarried, but continues to go by the professional name that she’s had for 20 years. Nothing wrong with that.

  5. Sounds like Jackie was very un-divaish by not requiring hair and make-up. A bit rough to dog Jackie in the press for something she was unaware of though.

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