Farewell to ABC3, hello ABC ME.

KRudd launched it with a giant remote and high fives, but after 7 years ABC's kid channel gets a new name.


Today marks the last day of ABC3, before a rebranding as ABC ME tomorrow.

ABC3 launched in 2009 with a Live on air broadcast featuring Prime Minister Kevin Rudd singing the Play School theme and high-fiving the kids.

Over the ensuing 7 years the channel has brought us Dance Academy, Nowhere Boys, Prank Patrol, My Place, Bushwhacked!, Studio 3, Good Game: Spawn Point, Little Lunch, The Worst Year of My Life – Again! and BTN Extra.

It has been instrumental in the careers of Scott Tweedie, Amberley Lobo, Kayne Tremills, James Elmer, Keiynan Lonsdale, Jordan Rodrigues, Xenia Goodwin, Dena Kaplan, Dougie Baldwin, Joel Lok, Rahart Adams, Matt Testro, Kamil Ellis and more.


Tomorrow ABC ME will launch with a new look as a joint broadcast / digital service with an app for school-aged children.

Designed to reflect and celebrate the lives, interests and diversity of young Australians, it will include a weekly pop culture review show News to Me, sci-fi animation Prisoner Zero and short-form documentary series This Is Me. Returning titles will include Nowhere Boys, You’re Skitting Me, Little Lunch, Good Game SP and Behind the News. New short form content will enable children and their families to express their own ideas and opinions.

ABC ME will be broadcast on Channel 23 on Free to Air and Channel 723 on Foxtel from tomorrow.

You can check out the ABC ME guide here.


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  1. “Young teens if they were to watch TV would be more interested in the sex and violence on ABC2 than anything on ABC3.”

    But there’s no sex and violence on ABC2. Sexual references, yes.

  2. The main benefit will be that they have a new website, the previous ABC3 website was very much stuck in 2009 and hadn’t been updated since in any real way, it was really cluttered. The new website is a lot cleaner, although I noticed it hasn’t got a guide on the homepage which is odd.

    My hope is that ABCME will go in a direction which better suits the actual viewing habits of younger people.
    From what I understand they’re no longer directly targeting anyone over 11, which is smarter as they never were able to make channel for kids, tweens and young teens, they’re three very different demographics. Young teens if they were to watch TV would be more interested in the sex and violence on ABC2 than anything on ABC3.

    Tomorrow when the War Began was a step in the right direction for the channel, but it seems they felt they need to entirely re-define themselves.
    Kids are more…

  3. Goodbye ABC3. ): Hello ABCMe! Amberley Lobo was awesome on Studio 3. I’ve heard her presenting shifts at Triple J. Scott Tweedie and Prank Patrol were amazing. He is great hosting The Loop. Why no mention of Olivia Phyland?

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