Gogglebox surges on LifeStyle

Square-eyed families draw their biggest audience so far -dwarfing some of Pay TV's best-known brands.

Gogglebox Australia-2

LifeStyle’s very own Gogglebox pulled huge numbers on Pay TV last night, leaving other profile shows in its path.

Last night it drew 242,000 viewers – a new high for the opinionated families.

It was well up on last week’s 181,000.

By comparison, The Recruit finale was 150,000.

Tuesday’s debut of Australia’s Next Top Model was 65,000.

The Kettering Incident launched to 115,000 in its first outing, but increased across various episodes generally sitting around the 150,000 mark. A Place to Call Home drew 156,000 last Sunday.

That reinforces Gogglebox as a huge brand for the Pay TV sector, despite it drawing good numbers for TEN the following night.

Add up the production costs for a cheap and cheerful show and you are laughing all the way to your next Logies win.

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    1. No but it would be a huge gap. Drama costs upwards of $700k an hour (most are around $1m these days). Period pieces cost more and we know that Seven cut it because of costs. In hindsight that decision was too rash. How much does it cost to have undiscovered talent watching the box? Chickenfeed.

  1. I love it, it’s a great show this. I also think it’s fantastic that it airs on free to air a day later and more aussie shows on pay tv should take this approach. I’d like to see 7 do that with Pawn Stars Australia or Selling Houses Australia for example.

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