Gruen, Anh Do beat commercial networks in entertainment stakes

Ratings: Brush with Fame is an instant hit for ABC while The Bachelor tops the demos. Seven wins Wednesday.


ABC’s Gruen and Anh Do’s Brush with Fame managed to beat commercial competition last night, winning their slots as the most popular entertainment shows of the night.

Anh Do’s Brush with Fame (which also enjoyed a glowing review from Gogglebox) is an instant ABC hit, lifting from 806,000 last week to 841,000 last night.

TEN’s Bachelor led at 7:30pm, down slightly on last week, until Anh Do kicked in at 8pm but still topped the Demos.

Married at First Sight was second in its slot, down on Tuesday’s outing while Offspring slipped again for TEN. The excellent Durrells is just not firing in its timeslot for Seven either.

Seven News and ACA both won their slots. While Nine edged out Seven in primary channel shares, it was pipped by Seven’s multichannels. Just.

Seven network won with 26.7% ahead of Nine 26.5%, TEN 21.5%, ABC 18.3% and SBS 7.0%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.11m / 1.04m for Seven followed by Home and Away (752,000), Border Security (732,000), The Force (713,000), The Durrells (625,000), The Chase (581,000 / 405,000) and Movie: Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie (301,000).

Nine News (933,000 / 931,000) led for Nine followed by A Current Affair (824,000), Married at First Sight (788,000), The Block (786,000) and Hot Seat (516,000). How the Rich Get Hitched was 323,000.

The Bachelor (821,000) was best for TEN. The Project drew 702,000 / 444,000, Offspring was 638,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 490,000 and NCIS: LA was 275,000.

Gruen (901,000) and Anh Do’s Brush with Fame (841,000) both won for ABC. 7:30 was 745,000, ABC News was 737,000, The Katering Show was 500,000, You Can’t Ask That was 373,000, Pointless was 219,000 and Soul Mates was just 171,000.

On SBS it was Great American Railway Journeys (317,000), a double 24 Hours in Emergency (234,000 / 206,000) and SBS World News (151,000).

Shaun the Sheep showed up multichannels with 262,000.

Today: 327,000
Sunrise: 293,000
ABC News Breakfast: 98,000 / 62,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 31 August 2016

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  1. The Durrells had 3 repeats/encores last week…paired with 800 Words…2 main channel…one 7TWO…
    This week coming…just one..stand alone…..midday Wed….on 7TWO…Read into that …what you will…

  2. The Durrells will end up on Seven Two soon enough, it’d probably fit in better there with the likes of Morse and Lewis
    I’m probably the only one not remotely interested in Anh Doh. That show just looks like lazy TV to me, a format that’s been tried before, notably by one Rolf Harris. And Amanda Keller, a Channel 10 personality, being promoted on the ABC?

    1. TEN has historically been fine with most talent appearing on other networks, as it is a good chance to plug them. It’s generally Nine and Seven are stricter, but even then it’s not a blanket rule. Emily Taheny & Miranda Tapsell on Big Music Quiz for example. Don’t think ABC has ever had an issue with it. What part of Anh Do show was lazy? Subject sitting down? Commercial TV would kill for those numbers based on its budget spend.

    1. Poker machines steal your money on a promise of a big win, TV just steals your time. I’d tire watching a racing car go around a track for hour after hour or 22 grown men kick a ball around a paddock for a couple of hours. Horses for courses, as they say.

  3. Yes, really enjoying Anh’s show as well.
    Such a likeable and empathetic man who possesses that rare knack of putting his subjects completely at ease and getting the best out of them.
    Disappointing that The Durrells isn’t rating better.
    A real breath of fresh air but up against some stiff competition. Yes, really hope 7 doesn’t start burning it off in double eps – it deserves so much better.

    1. >> have captured that je ne sais quoi that TV execs would bottle if anyone could actually define what exactly it is!! It really is fabulous viewing.

      You mean someone has remembered Rolf Harris’ “Star Portraits” and thought, hmm, that could work …

      It’s an interviewer-friendly chat show; with a magic act at the end. Don’t get me wrong, I’m watching it; but it ain’t that hard a concept.

  4. “The excellent Durrells is just not firing”, it looked good first time I saw the, then I saw the add again, and again, 2 weeks of Olympics-same bloody add every 3 minutes. There’s building hype then there’s saturation to the point of exhaustion. It actually turns me off a show, stop over promoting & maybe, just maybe you create enough intrigue to warrant my viewing time.

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