Jeremy Clarkson’s Amazon show gets a date -but where will it air in Australia?


The Grand Tour, the new show for former Top Gear trio Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond will launch on November 18th (or Nov. 19 if we factor in datelines).

Amazon will release anew episode released every Friday over a 12 week period, instead of enabling “binge” sessions.

But Australian fans are still awaiting news on where it can be legally accessed in Australia.

Amazon Prime is without an Australian outlet -although other Amazon shows such as Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle have been available through Stan. There has been some speculation Amazon might launch here with The Grand Tour (The Man in the High Castle is also without a local home).

The debut show will feature studio scenes shot in a tent in California, which will be recorded later this month.

Source: The Guardian


  1. With an average audience in the UK alone of 6.49 million per show, Top Gear played in 214 territories worldwide and had an estimated global audience of 350 million.

    The Top Gear spin-off “The Grand Tour” will cost £4.5 million per episode, Amazon will want a return on their investment, and would not for one minute jeopardise its global annual revenue of USD$ 107 billion by upsetting the potential audience that The Grand Tour, and a whole bunch of new Amazon and Amazon Prime subscribers would bring.

    Its highly likely that Amazon will launch either Amazon Prime or syndicate the “The Grand Tour” in other countries via a pay-per-view partner like Foxtel and stream the content through Stan and/or Netflix.

    Anything other, that starves those “Die Hard” fans would be sacrilege, as Jeremy would say.

    Just to show how much upside there is from a financial point of view, even if they…

  2. If Amazon doesn’t launch their own service here, then I suspect Stan could be a very good home.

    I am not sure how well a program made for a streaming service would fit on TV if they cut it into bits for ads.

  3. In light of how much Amazon had to pay through the nose for this and the TG reboot being such a disaster, it’d be in Nine’s interest to fork out their high asking price. If season 1 rates very well, keep showing it. If it doesn’t, let it go to Foxtel for subsequent seasons.

    If it goes to Foxtel, TG fans who don’t have it and have no interest in getting it, will just access it through torrents.

  4. Considering the boys salaries it won’t be on SBS! Amazon may dip it’s toe into the SVOD market but subscribers will want more than a toe. A partnership with an existing service is more logical. I’d rule out the shop-a-docket channel, Presto and agree that Stan with repeat rights going to Nine being possible.

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