Jim Broadbent joining Game of Thrones

Veteran character actor will play "a significant role" in Season 7.


Veteran UK actor Jim Broadbent will appear in Game of Thrones seventh season in a “significant role.”

Entertainment Weekly reported the news but with no further details.

“The spoiler-averse GoT team doesn’t want to say anything yet about who the actor is playing on the series,” it noted. “Some vague casting descriptions have leaked in recent weeks, but oftentimes such character rundowns sent to casting agents are deliberately inaccurate because producers assume the notices will wind up online.”

I’m guessing it would be either a cantankerous or comedic role, given Broadbent excels at both.

Broadbent, well-known for Time Bandits, Brazil, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Moulin Rouge, and Iris, recently appeared in BBC’s War and Peace.

Season 7 has already been confirmed to be shorter than previous years, totalling seven episodes instead of 10. Season 8 will be the last.

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