“Lawyer time.” Shane Warne unhappy with Today show

Shane Warne is hinting at legal action against the Nine network after robust comments made on Weekend Today.

After he commented on an Instagram post by model Emily Ratajkowski, a hashtag #GiveShaneaGo began to circulate on social media.

‘Stunning day in London!!! Enjoy. X’ he wrote to the Blurred Lines model.

That all led to a panel discussion on the Sunday jury segment of Today with co-host Clint Stanaway asking if it was all too creepy.

“He’s like the creepy guy who sits at the end of the bar and tries those lines. I don’t think they’re working anymore,” Nova’s Michelle Stephenson replied.

“If we had a major zombie apocalypse and had to repopulate the planet put Warnie in,” joked Mikey Robbins.

“You know that uncle that you only ever see at Christmas…?”

“Creepy uncle. Creepy uncle Warnie. Hugs too tightly,” added Stephenson.

“The guy would hump humid air,” Robbins concluded.

But Warne in the UK did not take kindly to the humour.

Warne has since received supportive comments from Elizabeth Hurley, Piers Morgan and Elle MacPherson.

Today has since deleted its tweets with the offending video.


  1. When I first heard about this, I though Shane sounded like he was being a whinger. But after reading the context of the story, they really sank the boot in to him for what seems like quite a harmless tweet.

  2. I am surprised more people don’t get their lawyers involved with both Today and Sunrise segments. They all seem to sit and giggle at their own ‘jokes’ at others expense and they just aren’t funny.

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