Married at First Sight, Bachelor get a room on Wednesday.


‘Romance’ was in the air last night with Married at First Sight and The Bachelor both winning their timeslots and topping the demos.

MAFS proved to be a bigger hit for Nine than either its News or The Block –at 974,000 it was the highest rating episode this season. That will put a smile on the faces of execs who have already confirmed an extended season will kick off their 2017 year against a certain cooking show.

The Bachelor rose slightly on last Wednesday, to 844,000 viewers for TEN however Offspring dipped once more.

ABC’s Gruen and Anh’s Brush with Fame both dropped but remained second in their slots.

Seven News and The Chase won for Seven but The Durrells dropped in a double outing.

Nine network won Wednesday with 29.1% then Seven 26.3%, TEN 19.8%, ACB 17.4% and SBS 7.4%.

Married at First Sight (974,000) was best for Nine followed by Nine News (944,000 / 919,000), A Current Affair (855,000), The Block (786,000) and Hot Seat (490,000). The Footy Show was 278,000 in 3 cities and Eat to Live Forever was 171,000 in 2 cities.

Seven News was #1 with 1.03m / 968,000 for Seven. Home and Away and The Force were both 736,000 then Border Security (728,000) The Chase (615,000 / 374,000) and The Durrells (523,000 / 459,000).

The Bachelor (844,000) led for TEN. The Project was 621,000 / 423,000, Offspring was 594,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 452,000, and NCIS: LA (197,000).

Gruen (830,000), Anh’s Brush with Fame (793,000), ABC News (772,000), 7:30 (654,000), The Katering Show (425,000), You Can’t Ask That (333,000) and Pointless (230,000) comprised ABC’s night. Soul Mates drew 167,000.

On SBS it was Great American Railroad Journeys (285,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (203,000), SBS World News (170,000) and The Secret (124,000).

ABC2’s Hey Duggee led multichannels with 283,000.

Today: 300,000
Sunrise: 289,000
ABC News Breakfast: 108,000 / 54,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 7 September 2016.


  1. Also Home and away numbers are getting low the new family in summer bay has not grabbed the audience like the river boys did when the riverboys was in summer bay break the law it was up to the 1 million mark a night

  2. Loved the 2nd season of Soul Mates – clever, naughty and razor-sharp.
    Missing it already – really hope there’s a S3 in the pipeline.
    A shame it didn’t rate better..

    • Doesn’t help that they’re burning it off in two hour episodes that finish very late, in the middle of the week. Agree about this being completely the wrong time slot.
      Am really enjoying The Durrells though – a lovely, whimsical show.

  3. jezza the first original one

    The Durrells is a warm gentle show that would seem more of a natural fit for Sunday evening on the ABC…its lost on ch7. The Bach….well…. its home visits tonight and Ritchie must know who out of the final 4 that he has clicked with, but for the benefit of the production he has to string 3 of them along

  4. Great American Railway Journeys is a true treat and feast for the eyes-one often hears Albany NY being referenced in various New York City based series (it’s the state capital) but how often do we actually see it?

  5. Anh Doh will certainly get a second series for the ABC in 2017, you’d assume.
    Gruen? I’m out of love with that program. It used to be funny, now I think it’s just very smug and full of itself. Wil Anderson is an acquired taste…… I’m not too fond of right now
    The rest of that ABC Wednesday night lineup is a stinker, and guess what? They’re inflicting even more crap D grade Aussie comedy on us for the rest of the year.
    Things like “Upper Middle Bogan” or “Please Like Me” have a cult appeal at best, and as for anything new starring that Warmed Up Sex guy Luke…….nah

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