Merge coming on Australian Survivor (at last).


A merge of two Australian Survivor tribes will finally take place next Sunday night after one tribe has been decimated in the TEN series.

Last night strategic player Phoebe saw her torch snuffed out, leaving Vavau tribe with just three remaining contestants.

Since three tribes became two, Vavau has lost every single challenge, creating a biased gameplay for participants and viewers. It’s happened occasionally on the US series but finally a merge will shake things up.

Saanapu and Vavau will come together to create one new tribe, Fia Fia, 7:30pm Sunday on TEN.


  1. It’s no secret I’m enamoured with this show, it’s fantastic. I do agree that the constant losing streak of Vavau was getting a bit much, and whilst my fav still survived the Vavau capitulation (Connor), it would have been fantastic to see Phoebe make it to the merge. I just hope it starts to rate better as the numbers dwindle.

  2. I’m loving Survivor, but the one negative is snafu winning every single challenge. I doesn’t bother me I would watch no matter what, but I can understand how it might turn some viewers off to see the same tribe at tribal council over and over again. I was wishing Vavau to win some challenges just for a bit of variety.

  3. I quite like this one sided merge. It generally results in an intresting merge with the majority tribe turning on each other because they have pent up amimostiy against each other and will use the minority tribe (the Vanau 3) as swing votes to further their game (as occored in US Survivor Tocantins (where the tribes merged 6-3) and US Survivor Samoa (where they merged 8-4))

  4. I’m glad the merge is finally here, albeit 3 eps too late from a Vavau perspective, however what griped me the most last night was the “merge” of reward and immunity challenges…not cool.

  5. “Since three tribes became two, Vavau has lost every single challenge, creating a biased gameplay for participants and viewers. It’s happened occasionally on the US series”

    The difference is that, where it has happened in the US, it’s usually by bad luck. Here, the producers let one tribe cherry pick all the strong players, which has made it boring ever since. Three into two should’ve been random buff draw.

  6. If there is one more episode where no one is voted out there I will stop watching. That pointless twist on Monday was just about the last straw for me and don’t get me started on the bloody Hungry Jack’s product placement.

    • I have no problem with the Hungry Jacks product placement. It makes me nostalgic for the days when Survivor US would offer prizes like Mountain Dew and Doritos

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but HJs have only had two mentions (the focus of two rewards) in the 6 weeks of the show. I just hope you don’t watch the block as their overt and constant product placement must make them the reality franchise with the most product integration.

  7. This show need a better edit. Far too much padding. You need anot elimination every episode not this big brother style swapping of people from tribe to tribe. I keep waiting for the intruders.

      • TARAu was pretty loyal to the American show in format. Sure some episodes were a little longer but there was also more challenges in each episode which mean they were always doing something relevant with their 70-90 minute episode run-time. TARAu (especially the first two seasons) is considered to be among best seasons of TAR ever and is pretty much considered to be the gold standard of TAR in many TAR superfan communities online.

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