Music stars elbow TV stars out of Emmys tribute

Prince, David Bowie, Natalie Cole were there -but who missed out at Emmys In Memoriam?


With the Emmys over the ceremony is again attracting commentary for its roll-call of stars in the In Memoriam tributes.

Included were a number of profile music stars: Prince, David Bowie, Natalie Cole and Merle Haggard.

Sure they appeared on TV as performers, and even David Bowie had some acting roles such as Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, The Hunger and Extras, but when you are time poor they are arguably better left to the Grammys. Especially when it means actual TV names are absent.

John McMartin was omitted despite a lengthy list of credits including As the World Turns, Falcon Crest, Beauty and the Beast, Law and Order, Further Tales of the City, Oz, Frasier, Bob, Coach, Murder She Wrote, Cheers, Magnum PI, The Rockford Files, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Hart to Hart, The Bob Newhart Show, Hawaii Five-0, Love American Style, The Partridge Family, The Golden Girls, Marcus Welby MD, Medical Center and recently Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Yet Alan Rickman and Gene Wilder, who had few TV credits, made the cut.

Marjorie Lord from The Lone Ranger, Jack Riley from Newhart, and Beth Howland & Marvin Kaplan from Alice were out.

Fans of The Voice’s Christina Grimmie, who was shot and killed by a crazed fan in Orlando in June, are also unhappy.

Source: Showbiz411, Hollywood Reporter

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  1. It would appear that they have simply included those people with the highest profiles, irrespective of which medium is responsible for building that profile. I agree with you that it prob would’ve been better to leave the music stars to the Grammys and movie stars to the Oscars. Bit like how you focus on peoples’ TV profile since this is a TV blog.

    1. Award shows keep pushing to attract younger demos, so I think this is behind the mix they used. I always look to see if people have TV credits for obits (ie. I didn’t run Sound of Music actress Charmian Carr this week). I’m generally pretty generous where people have minor credits (I ran David Bowie, but not Prince.). People have passed on, it’s important to acknowledge their contribution. But I’m not limited in time and space in the same way as a broadcast show.

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