Networks to share chopper costs & aerial vision.


Yesterday it was reported that Seven and Nine have agreed to a joint venture for sharing aerial vision in each capital city market.

Seven is operating its choppers for Adelaide and Perth, while Nine is contributing its choppers for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The Australian reports choppers will also have network branding and logos removed.

TEN is understood to have let go its own news chopper under cost cutting some years ago.

ABC is said to be investigating their own arrangement with another operator.

Networks already shared “pooled vision” in news but remain fierce rivals in branding ‘Exclusive’ footage.


  1. A good, long-overdue move, makes total sense for all concerned. I dare say that if Ten, the ABC and others ‘chipped in’ to the pot these networks might be able to share footage, as well. You would hope that the money saved by each network from this sensible arrangement might be re-invested into original journalism, – i.e. more reporters, better coverage, more labour-intensive investigations, etc., etc., although life doesn’t always work like that. Let’s be positive and trust at least some of the cash saved will go into ‘news’ rather simply appear as positives in accountants’ spread sheets.
    (Not such good news for the handful of chopper pilots presumably now sadly surplus to requirements because of the pooling arrangements, but hopefully they can pick up other pilot roles…)

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