1. Zombo’s Just Desserts I am avoiding like the plague, ditto for the Block, and whatever stupid contrived wedding reality shows 7 & 9 are putting on air.

  2. Yes, I quite enjoy Pointless too, quite an engaging early evening show, and two good hosts too(Alexander and Richard)
    Australian Survivor – a good solid outing for Ten this time, although as we’ve pointed out before, 3 episodes a week is too much, and they started off with far too many contestants. However, their production values are superior to the U.S version.
    I also watched Morse on Seven Two – very much an oldie, but it still stands up well 30 years after it was made, John Thaw the actor is sadly missed

  3. I love Survivor but they really have to pull back from telling us what is going to happen in the next episode. Just tell us there is another twist coming, monumental, shock or what ever but don’t actually tell us what the twist is. I didn’t like knowing that the merge was happening before it happened, sorta kills the surprise !

    • I think they did it because that is a pretty standard American Survivor promo “its a swap/merge” which tends to boost US ratings, unfortunately in this instance that was the totality of the episode (10mins killer, 35-40mins filler) – 2 straight Tuesday episodes now with nobody leaving or as Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fischbach put it in their podcast #doesanybodyleaveAustralianSurvivor. The tribe swap was good, but I’m not sure how defensible the decision to not have someone leave that episode was, particularly when you’re wanting people to invest 70mins on a “short” night using a well-known international format driven around at least 1 person going each week regardless of injuries/twists etc.
      Good ratings for the episode though.

      • I agree. The merge usually comes much earlier in the episode then we see how it impacts on a Tribal Council. Elongated plots are heavy on alliances / trust lately and it is showing in back to back episodes. No other plotlines worth exploring?

      • LOL was not expecting an RHAP reference here on TV tonight. Glad to find another RHAPer here. 😉

        If you need context, RHAP (or Rob Has A Podcast) is a podcast hosted Rob Cestereno (who did US Survivor: The Amazon Rainforest and All-Star Survivor) who talks about (among other TV shows) Survivor. He is covering Aus Survivor with Stephen Fischbach (who did Survivor: Tocantins and Survivor: Cambodia). While they have high praise for our series they often joke about the length/amount of contestant. If you are a fan of Survivor, you should give it a listen. 🙂

        • Haha I’m a RHAP listener too. The extra Tuesday episode has wrecked their schedule. Why does Australian TV have to make such bloated, elongated episodes of their flagship shows? Is it network greed or desperation? I much prefer to have 42 tight, compelling minutes rather than really long episodes that go nowhere fast The US version is extremely well edited & moves very briskly- keeps you on your toes. I struggle to be able to find enough time to free up to watch this. Casting could have been better too – 15,000 people applied and yet some of the contestants are so similar I still can’t tell them apart.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    Another episode of Catalyst last night that was pretty light on for actual scientific content. I thought I must’ve accidentally switched over to 7. And we’ve got Part 2 next week!

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