Returning: Mythbusters


Mythbusters returns to SBS 2 for its last ever season this weekend.

Season 9 begins with a double-episode premiere at 8:30pm this Sunday night, kicking off with a behind the scenes premiere.

This premiered in the US in January.

Episode One:
Since 2002, the MythBusters have used science to separate fact from fiction but now, after an epic 14 years, that wild ride is coming to an end – but not before the most spectacular final season in television history. In this special episode, the MythBusters reveal what’s in store for final season with a behind-the-scenes exclusive.

Episode Two:
In this explosion special Adam and Jamie have a blast testing two spectacular tall tales.


  1. Mythbusters wasn’t always shown here first, it was really hit and miss. Unfortunately I missed this post back in Sept until today Nov 9. So I missed most of the final season on SBS2.

  2. Because it’s made by Beyond, it used to be that Mythbusters episodes were always shown in Australia first.

    Beyond are also behind the new show for Kari, Grant, and Tory, later this year on Netflix, called “The White Rabbit Project”.

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