Returning: The Strain

Season 3 of US horror series will debut on FOX8 later this month.


Season 3 of US horror series The Strain will debut on FOX8 later this month.

Created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, there are 10 episodes this season.

These episodes premiered in the US this week.

The Strain this season will see the ultimate battle between humans and the blood-sucking strigois, where the U.S. Government has given up on killing them, leaving the people of New York left with no choice, but to fight for them-selves.

Wednesdays from September 28 at 8.30pm on FOX8.

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  1. Great show that now is in line with books, if it continues as per books,there will be only be one more season after this one currently showing in US. The young boy is pivotal to the story,you aint seen nothing yet,can’t wait to see it on screen

  2. I started getting curious when the show will be back on. Checked US air dates… So what did I do? Apple TV. US Account. I love Foxtel but would be good if they started airing quicker from the US on some other non-high rating shows.

  3. I still have half of S2 on my IQ2 box. I loved season 1 but the kid in season two ruined the show. I will force myself to finish it, hoping it gets better (ie I hope the kid is killed).

    The kid is so annoying and such a bad actor. They completely messed up, I don’t think a better / less annoying actor could have fixed it.

  4. I was trying to find out when this show was coming back to Foxtel – for some reason – I really love it. I do have Foxtel but I have already seen this now – Why am I waiting?.. seriously. The irony is that I had just read the previous post about Peter Tonagh and the quote “That is, taking Foxtel back to its core DNA — focusing on the customer.
    “For example our motto used to be, ‘We start with the customer’. Now we say: ‘Be a customer hero’,”

    You’ve already failed…

    If you’ve already played 2 seasons of a show – it obviously has a fan base – no matter how small – we still deserve to be able to see it when it comes out so that we don’t see spoilers online..

    Come on – please come to 2016.. and start using your motto with your programming schedule.. that would be a nice start!

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