SBS appoints UK distributor for food titles

TCB Media Rights to represent in-house SBS food titles after closing its sales division in June.


SBS has now appointed London based distributor TCB Media Rights as its distributor to represent in-house food titles after closing its sales division in June.

TCB Media will now represent titles such as Destination Flavour, Poh & Co and This is Brazil in all markets outside of Australia.

SBS claims an outsourced model for distribution is more effective for international markets, and will lead to greater opportunities for key content. Sources have previously told TV Tonight similar outfits such as Red Arrow and DCD International had strong success in selling Australian titles at events such as MIPCOM.

SBS Head of Commercial and Production, Chris Irvine, said: “This partnership with TCB is the start of a new relationship that we hope ultimately to develop and introduce across other commissioned shows in the broader SBS unscripted catalogue.”

TCB Media Rights CEO, Paul Heaney, said: “To be given an opportunity like this with SBS is as humbling as it is exhilarating. What SBS wants from a distributor fits in perfectly with TCB’s mission statement of working creatively and commercially with channels and producers at the earliest stage.”

SBS indicated it will continue to look for distribution opportunities for bespoke SBS content, particularly scripted content, in international markets.

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