Sunday Night: Sept 4


On Sunday Night guest reporter Kerri-Anne Kennerley gets to meet Rick Springfield -perks of the job!

Also a story on a botched cosmetic surgery, while Pete Evans is supervising the results of diet tests (good luck with that!).

Fatal Beauty
Every year, thousands of Australians head overseas for cosmetic surgery. The attraction is the low prices, but more often than not the results are far from perfect. Twenty-nine-year-old Gold Coast beauty Evita Sarmonikas took the gamble. Despite her stunning good looks, Evita felt insecure about her body. So she packed her bag and left Australia for a relatively minor procedure. Little did she know the doctor she found had a record of botched operations and suspicious deaths. Tragically, Evita would be his next victim. In a major investigation, Sunday Night’s Denham Hitchcock tracks down the surgeon and finds he’s still practising.

Rick Springfield
“Jessie’s Girl” is one of the catchiest rock ‘n’ roll tunes of all time and turned the man who made it into an international star. To this day, Rick Springfield still takes pride in being an Aussie even though he left our shores nearly 50 years ago to chase fame and fortune. In this very personal profile, Kerri-Anne Kennerley discovers the remarkably candid 67-year-old is still living his music dream.

Saving Australia Diet – The Final Check Up
Earlier this year we put three simple but very different diets to the test to see if they could turn the tables on one of Australia’s biggest killers – Type 2 diabetes. Each of our three volunteers was facing the prospect of an early death from the devastating disease. Our guinea pigs were supervised by a team of specialists including celebrity chef Pete Evans. This Sunday Night, reporter PJ Madam has the stunning results.

Sunday at 8.00pm on Seven.


  1. The mention of Pete Evans as part of a team of specialists regarding diet I find a bit strange. He has no credibility, especially after that wacko paleo stuff.

    • I’d sooner get my diet advice from Ronald McDonald or Hungry Jacks then him. But seriously would Seven be breaking some guidelines by calling Evans a specialist?

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