TEN upbeat about Offspring, Survivor.


With the series finale of Offspring last night questions are already being asked about whether Season 6 was a one off renewal or not.

The show finished with good numbers at 810,000 viewers lifting considerably from 594,000 a week earlier and will go higher with Consolidate numbers. It also ended well in the Demos. Overall the season attracted some comment about its creative direction but there is clearly still ownership of the Proudman clan.

According to a News Corp article, TEN is in discussions for more.

“Obviously we’ve talked and the possibility is always there for another series, otherwise you don’t make a show, I don’t think,” Asher Keddie said.

But she hinted at the logistic problem with pinning down all the key cast for a return.

“It’s always nice to leave the door open but you just never know where everybody is going to be at,” she said.

TV Tonight understands some planning has been underway on future storylines, which is all par for the course pending a network decision.

Meanwhile TEN is also upbeat about Australian Survivor despite some outings being fourth in its slot. The Demos have been strong and the social media chat (aside from criticism about the show’s length) has been universally strong.

TEN’s Head of Entertainment and Factual Programs Stephen Tate says people are watching, but on multiple platforms.

“It’s actually tracking well ahead of the first season of The Bachelor and also the first season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Australia” he told News Corp.

“And look what a powerhouse The Bachelor is now. The thing is that at TEN we know that we need to stick with brands and support them.”

Which is probably what Offspring fans want to hear.


  1. Survivor is fine in its current format.. I’ve watched all 32 seasons of US Survivor and Aussie S1 holding its own well.
    Tribal councils are much better on the Australian show.

  2. Ten have pretty much nailed it with survivor im really enjoying it but i tend to just watch the reward immunity challenges and tribal council i FF all the camp stuff I think they could make it even better if they
    1 if they have to launch it on Sunday night then start it at 7pm so the competition doesn’t have a half hour jump
    2 just focus on immunity reward challenges and tribal council with just a very small amount on the camp
    3 keep each episode no longer than an hour with ads

  3. We are Survivor tragics and are absolutely loving AS. I have no problem with the length of episodes however we are confused why its 55 days and not the usual 39??! I think Jonathon is a fantastic host and apart from Probst, can’t think of anyone else I’d like better!

    Really hope this returns for another season!

  4. I’m in the “leave Aus Survivor as it is” camp. Being a (US) Survivor tragic, I have grown very used to that format, however getting to know the Aussies better seems more appropriate.
    I think a 7pm Sunday start would be the only improvement they could make. The contestants are proving to be enjoyable to watch and the production value is the match of the US. I’m a happy tribe member!

    • I agree. The US show is literally 25 minutes camp segments, which ends up mostily being stragegy talk, which while interesting, I also like knowing the players personally and the longer Australian episodes allow time to know the players.

  5. Like everyone else here, I hope Ten brings back Survivor for a 2nd season. It’s a good product – the only changes they need to make for 2017 are less contestants, and only 2 nights a week.
    On the plus side, their production is superior to the U.S version, and Jonathan La Paglia is a decent host.

  6. As mentioned previously I am a Survivor tragic and for me I have no issue with the longer episodes. For what is is worth, I sometimes watch the US version and think it can do with a slightly longer show as it seems they edit is severely and I actually want more…

  7. Offspring’s writing let it down this season. They just didn’t cut it . Nothing wrong with the performances but there was some really poor writing. Voice Overs that repeated things that were said in the scene before. A lot of repetition of the same dilemma. Some scenes that just didn’t go anywhere. They either need more time to write, better script editors or more/different writers.

  8. I have never watching 1 second of the American survivor, but I tuned into the Australian one flipping between that and Zumbo and I have enjoyed it. I see Survivor in 3 parts. The beginning is when they debrief from the previous nights vote off then they have the challenge which I really love then after that the losing team battle to get alliances so they are safe. Then they have the vote off.

  9. I’m settled into the routine of Survivor and loving it. Still think 55 days is too long but that can hardly be changed now, but I reckon Ten have got ample feedback and learnings to make season 2 absolute must see TV.

    • I was. The Patrick stuff was extremely unnecessary, I felt that they wrapped the Patrick storyline neatly at the end of season 5 courtesy of that fantastic final scene… It was meandering in parts tbh, luckily the cast was good enough to keep it mostly on track…

      • I feel the same, couldn’t understand the Patrick relationship in the 1st place so when he died I thought yay, Nina can find someone interesting but to drag it out with extra sperm made me lose interest. The cast are fantastic though, they can make just about any script work, although I did think they could have splurged at least on some updated opening credits.

        • Agreed that the cast is great but they were really let down by some terrible scripts and plotting this season. it felt like a completely different show from the other seasons and had lost all its charm. What happened to the brash outspoken Billie? Where’s Mick? What is this Home and Away esque pregnant teenager plot? Harry the new love interest was basically Lawrence 2.0 and had zero chemistry with Nina. It was like watching a train wreck this season. Think they should rest it and hopefully viewers forget season 6 ever happened and pretend it finished at the perfect ending Season 5 had.

  10. I really hope they do stick with Survivor, it’s terrific and as has been noted it could build the same way The Bachelor has over the years. I can understand the long episodes could put some people off, it would usually discourage me and when it was first announced they were adding the third night I rolled my eyes but I love it so much I’m really happy about it. I like having the chance to see more of all the players and how they are going at the actual ‘survival’ aspect around camp as well as all the challenges.

  11. I am enjoying Survivor – but it needs to be shorter and sharper.. If I didn’t like the show (I love the US version) so much I would have been out after the first 2 drawn out episodes – but I am glad I stuck with it. Hopefully if they come back for a second season they will edit it a bit more like the US version which is just moving at a faster pace..

    • jezza the first original one

      Survivor…I like the slightly drawn out aspect so we get to see plenty of the folk involved. May be a little shorter, but not too much. They do need to rebuild this brand in Australia which will take a couple of series

    • While I was in Turkey last year, the local version of Survivor was around 4 hours long (per episode)! And it was on 5 nights a week! The majority of the show revolved around the obstacle courses (and the rest of it was very “Big Brother” with the contestants whinging, moaning and crying about their food supplies etc.). Local dramas are around 3 hours per episode (inclusive of ads).

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