The Living Room: Sept 2

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Warning! Chris Brown is wandering the streets of LA this week on The Living Room. Yesterday he was doing his best to separate himself from his famous namesake, for obvious reasons!

Also this week Miguel cooks up Father’s Day ribs, and Baz renos the kitchen.

Celebrity with Amanda Keller: American Girl (LA)
Where do you take a boy from Newcastle who has travelled the world and seen it all? American Girl, of course. Amanda takes over as tour guide, showing Chris the doll store that has captivated the hearts and minds of girls from around the world. The store, in LA’s The Grove, features many different dolls, a doll hospital for check-ups, a beauty salon to make sure the dolls are looking their best and a café where you and your doll can hang, eat and chat.

Food with Miguel Maestre: Father’s Day Ribs
Miguel meets the guys and girls at a Men’s Shed to cook them a delicious meal of spicy lamb ribs. The Men’s Shed is an organisation where men, and occasionally women, get together to talk about life and use their collective skills to make things that benefit the community. Miguel uses the BBQ made by the guys in this Men’s Shed to create a great Father’s Day Feast.

Renovation Rescue with Barry Du Bois: Kitchen
David and Naomi’s landlocked kitchen was all the style in the 1970’s, but it doesn’t fit current life for their blended family of five. It’s dark, cramped, lacks storage and divides the house in two. David loves to cook but it is a struggle in his current kitchen. Barry helps him out with a kitchen makeover that not only opens and lightens the entire house up, but also makes for a stunning space that is completely functional.

Pet Studio with Chris Brown: Dingo Pups
Dingoes are Australian wild dogs and have been on the continent for over 4000 years. In 2014, dingoes were classified as a separate sub-species but because they interbreed with domestic dogs, the dingo gene pool is diminishing. Dr Chris plays dad to two adorable eight- week-old dingo pups from the Australian Reptile Park and discusses why dingoes are important and how they now face a high risk of extinction in the wild.

7:30pm Friday on TEN.

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