Walking Dead co-creator suing AMC for $363m


Things may get very ugly for The Walking Dead and it has nothing to do with a baseball bat named ‘Lucille.’

Co-creator Frank Darabont, who was fired midway through the show’s second season, is seeking a whopping damages verdict in excess of $280 million ($AU363m).

He argues he was contractually entitled to as much as 10% of profits after deductions -which would estimate the show’s earnings at a staggering amount. He also argues that despite leaving halfway through season two, he still kept an important influence on its remaining episodes.

“Plaintiffs’ damages claim has no basis in reality and we will continue to vigorously defend against this lawsuit,” AMC said in response.

The next step in the dispute is summary judgment motions that will provide an even fuller picture of AMC’s hit show and Darabont’s negotiations.

If the judge allows the case to move forward, it won’t be anytime soon. At the hearing, Justice Eileen Bransten said her 2017 schedule was completely booked and that the parties would need to wait until 2018 at the earliest. A trial will also feature the circumstances of Darabont’s departure.

The show returns to FX on October 24.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Digital Spy


  1. You’d have to have so much stamina to pursue these kinds of lawsuits, this case has been going on for years. I hope he gets compensated as it’s unlikely the show would ever have got to air without him. Season 1 was easily the best season, such high quality writing. I’m still a massive fan but I always wonder what could have been if he had been left to run the show without interference from the network just as Vince Gilligan was given that freedom.

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