Where your SoHo shows are moving to

From October 5 SoHo titles will have new homes on Foxtel channels.


Foxtel launches its new Binge channel on October 5, which signals the end of one of its most popular channels, SoHo.

Binge will operate like Boxsets but the content is aimed at a younger market.

Most of the SoHo titles will move to Showcase but here is a full break down of where to find SoHo shows from October 5:


Alpha House,
800 Words,
The Americans,
Bates Motel,
The Big C,
The Firm,
The Good Wife,
The Killing,
Major Crimes,
A Place To Call Home,
Rizzoli & Isles,
The West Wing,
White Collar

Grey’s Anatomy,
All Saints,
Winners & Losers,
Sex And The City,
Saving Hope,
Drop Dead Diva,


Chicago Fire

Cougar Town

Binge launches October 5 on Channel 116 as SoHo closes.

Showcase is moving from Channel 115 to Channel 114.
BoxSets is moving from Channel 116 to Channel 115.

10 Responses

  1. Foxtel does seem to have a bit of a ploy going inflating it’s content to look good for marketing purposes without actually providing that much that’s new to watch for rusted on customers, if you are an Optus consumer it will be even more confusing. The conclusion must be that Foxtel management must also want to squeeze a bit more out of their screening rights having realized how many of their shows had been left idle with time running out.

  2. This would have to be one of the craziest decisions ever made – why couldn’t they put Flash and Supergirl etc.. on Box Sets? – and why is it that some programs are actually missing Season 1 – Oh wait – that’s why – by calling it Binge – you don’t have to have Complete Seasons of shows we can just start you from Season 2 – yeah nice one Foxtel – why am I paying you again.. I kind of feel like we lost a channel and gained nothing.. Just a repeat after repeat channel. If you want to watch Reign or Arrow from the beginning- you can’t.. you have to find Season 1 somewhere else .. Once again a confusing message for the customer..

    1. Good point, shows like Agatha Christie’s Poirot have not been following a production timeline on Foxtel, Poirot’s final season has only shown Hercule’s death in recent weeks I would like to see the prior episodes as well not just the constant repeats of unchanging early season episodes.

  3. What is with the new watermark on showcase now? Previously did not have one(i.e during Game of Thrones etc), looks annoying, and it seems another change made to the channel, I guess the next thing will be ads during the shows(unlike now which is only inbetween shows). I guess the HBO lock up has cost Foxtel alot of Coin and someone has to pay for it.

    1. Yes, marketing types strike again, introducing an annoying watermark as part of an image refresh treating viewers as marketing targets instead of as viewers. HBO in the US does not air one, and nor do they interrupt programs with an annoying sponsor trailers before the end credits like Foxtel does. As such, will source legally HBO content elsewhere in real HD, this was my last straw.

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