AACTA Awards 2016: nominations


The Beautiful Lie, The Kettering Incident, Rake, Wentworth and Barracuda are amongst Drama nominees in the 2016 AACTA Awards.

They will be joined by ABC comedies including Upper Middle Bogan and Please Like Me, light entertainment shows including Gruen and Gogglebox, and Reality TV rivals MasterChef Australia and My Kitchen Rules.

In the performance stakes the nominees include Matt Nable, Sam Johnson, Richard Roxburgh, Danielle Cormack, Pamela Rabe, Sarah Snook, Elizabeth Debicki and Patrick Brammall.

This year’s awards includes the first separate awards for Subscription TV, following the end of the ASTRA Awards. Maggie Beer, Shaynna Blaze, David Speers and Stan Grant are amongst nominees.

Stan’s No Activity and Wolf Creek and Presto’s Let’s Talk About also draw nods.

The AACTA Awards will be presented in Sydney on December 7. An industry luncheon will be held on December 5.


Best Television Drama Series
The Code – David Maher, David Taylor, Shelley Birse, Diane Haddon – ABC
Jack Irish – Ian Collie S.P.A, Andrew Knight – ABC
Rake – Ian Collie S.P.A, Peter Duncan ADG, Richard Roxburgh – ABC
Wentworth – Pino Amenta ADG, Jo Porter S.P.A – Foxtel/SoHo

Best Telefeature Or Mini Series
Barracuda – Tony Ayres, Amanda Higgs – ABC
The Beautiful Lie – John Edwards S.P.A, Imogen Banks S.P.A – ABC
The Kettering Incident – Vincent Sheehan, Victoria Madden, Andrew Walker – Foxtel/Showcase
Molly – John Molloy – Seven Network

Best Television Comedy Series
Black Comedy – Kath Shelper, Mark O’Toole – ABC
The Family Law – Sophie Miller, Julie Eckersley, Debbie Lee, Tony Ayres – SBS
Please Like Me – Todd Abbott, Josh Thomas, Lisa Wang, Kevin Whyte – ABC
Upper Middle Bogan – Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope, Ben Grogan – ABC

Best Light Entertainment Television Series
Gogglebox – David McDonald, Kam Vurlow – Foxtel/Lifestyle
Gruen – Jon Casimir – ABC
Luke Warm Sex – Jon Casimir, Richard Huddleston, Karina Holden, Anna Bateman – ABC
RocKwiz – Peter Bain-Hogg S.P.A, Ken Connor S.P.A, Brian Nankervis S.P.A – SBS

Best Lifestyle Television Program
Destination Flavour Scandinavia – Erik Dwyer, Rachel Hardie – SBS
Grand Designs Australia – Anna Gregory – Foxtel/Lifestyle
Poh & Co. – Erik Dwyer – SBS
River Cottage Australia – Jodi Boylan – Foxtel/Lifestyle Food

Best Reality Television Series
First Dates – Geraldine Orrock, Rikkie Proost, Brad Gustafson – Seven Network
MasterChef Australia – Marty Benson, Tim Toni, Rob Wallace – Network Ten
My Kitchen Rules – Matt Apps, Joe Herdman, Rikkie Proost – Seven Network
The Recruit – Lara Hopkins, Frances O’Riordan, Duane Hatherly S.P.A, Josie Mason Campbell – Foxtel/Fox8

Best Lead Actor In A Television Drama
Samuel Johnson – Molly – Seven Network
Matt Nable – Barracuda – ABC
Richard Roxburgh – Rake – ABC
Ashley Zukerman – The Code – ABC

Best Lead Actress In A Television Drama
Danielle Cormack – Wentworth – Foxtel/SoHo
Elizabeth Debicki – The Kettering Incident – Foxtel/Showcase
Pamela Rabe – Wentworth – Foxtel/SoHo
Sarah Snook – The Beautiful Lie – ABC

Best Performance In A Television Comedy
Alison Bell – ABC Comedy Showroom – The Letdown – ABC
Patrick Brammall – No Activity – Stan
Fiona Choi – The Family Law – SBS
Leah Purcell – Black Comedy – ABC

Best Guest Or Supporting Actor In A Television Drama
Russell Dykstra – Rake, Episode 8 – ABC
Ben Gerrard – Molly, Part 1 – Seven Network
Damon Herriman – Secret City, Episode 1 – A Donation to the Struggle – Foxtel/Showcase
Hamish Michael – Janet King – The Invisible Wound, Episode 8 – The Long Goodbye – ABC

Best Guest Or Supporting Actress In A Television Drama
Caroline Brazier – Rake, Episode 8 – ABC
Sacha Horler – The Kettering Incident, Episode 3 – Foxtel/Showcase
Celia Pacquola – The Beautiful Lie, Episode 3 – ABC
Sianoa Smit-McPhee – The Kettering Incident, Episode 1 – Foxtel/Showcase

Best Direction In A Television Drama Or Comedy
The Code, Episode 1 – Shawn Seet – ABC
The Kettering Incident, Episode 1 Rowan Woods – Foxtel/Showcase
Rake, Episode 8 – Peter Duncan ADG – ABC
Wentworth, Episode 12 – Seeing Red – Kevin Carlin ADG – Foxtel/SoHo

Best Direction In A Television Light Entertainment, Lifestyle Or Reality Series
Luke Warm Sex, Episode 4 – It’s A Pleasure To Meet You – Hayden Guppy – ABC
MasterChef Australia, Episode 41 – Richard Franc – Network Ten
Meet the Mavericks, Episode 1 – Ben Quilty & Warwick Thornton – Claude Gonzalez – ABC
The Recruit, Episode 2 – Michael Venables – Foxtel/Fox8

Best Screenplay In Television
ABC Comedy Showroom – The Letdown – Sarah Scheller, Alison Bell – ABC
The Beautiful Lie, Episode 3 – Jonathan Gavin – ABC
The Kettering Incident, Episode 1 – Victoria Madden – Foxtel/Showcase
Upper Middle Bogan, Episode 1 – New Kids on the Block – Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope – ABC

Best Cinematography In Television
A Place to Call Home, Episode 1 – A Nagging Doubt – Henry Pierce ACS – Foxtel
The Beautiful Lie, Episode – 3 John Brawley – ABC
The Kettering Incident, Episode 3 – Ari Wegner – Foxtel/Showcase
Wolf Creek, Episode 3 – Salt Lake – Geoffrey Hall ACS – Stan

Best Editing In Television
The Beautiful Lie, Episode 6 – Denise Haratzis ASE – ABC
Janet King – The Invisible Wound, Episode 6 – The Thaw – Nicole La Macchia – ABC
Rake, Episode 7 – Mark Perry – ABC
Wentworth, Episode 3 – Prisoner – Ben Joss – Foxtel/SoHo

Best Sound In Television
The Beautiful Lie, Episode 6 – John McKerrow, Glenn Newnham, Cameron Grant, Blair Slater, Andrew Neil, Paul Pirola – ABC
Deep Water, Chapter 1 – Wes Chew, Luke Mynott, Nick Emond – SBS
Rake, Episode 7 – Guntis Sics ASSG, Michol Marsh, Peter Hall, Olivia Monteith – ABC
RocKwiz, Episode 7 – RocKwiz Salutes the Legends of Australia – Ernie Rose, Tim Milliken, Michael Letho, Todd Shattock – SBS

Best Original Music Score In Television
The Deep, Episode 11 – Monster Hunter – Nerida Tyson-Chew AGSC – 7Two
Deep Water, Chapter 1 – Antony Partos AGSC – SBS
The Divorce, Episode 1 – Elena Kats-Chernin AGSC – ABC
The Kettering Incident, Episode 1 – Matteo Zingales, Max Lyandvert – Foxtel/Showcase

Best Production Design In Television
A Place to Call Home, Episode 1 – Nagging Doubt Fiona Donovan – Foxtel
The Beautiful Lie, Episode 3 – Elizabeth Mary Moore – ABC
Mary: The Making of a Princess – Sam Rickard – Network Ten
Molly, Part 1 – Ben Morieson, Carrie Kennedy – Seven Network

Best Costume Design In Television
A Place to Call Home, Episode 1 – Nagging Doubt – Lisa Meagher – Foxtel
The Beautiful Lie, Episode 3 – Erin Roche – ABC
Mary: The Making of a Princess – Jan Hurley – Network Ten
Molly, Part 1 – Edie Kurzer – Seven Network

Best Children’s Television Series
Beat Bugs – Josh Wakely, Jennifer Twiner McCarron – 7TWO
Bottersnikes & Gumbles – Patrick Egerton – Seven Network
The Deep – Avrill Stark, Asaph Fipke – 7Two
Play School – Jan Stradling, Sophie Emtage, Sarah Dabro, Rebecca O’Brien – ABC 2


Best Documentary Television Program
#BlackLivesMatter – Sally Sara, Matthew Davis – ABC
Changing Minds: The Inside Story – Karina Holden, Alison Black, Jenni Wilks – ABC
Hitting Home – Nial Fulton, Sarah Ferguson, Ivan O’Mahoney – ABC
Matilda and Me – Ivan O’Mahoney, Nial Fulton, Nel Minchin – ABC

Best Direction In A Documentary
Changing Minds: The Inside Story, Episode 1 – Cian O’Clery – ABC
Chasing Asylum – Eva Orner
Hanson: Please Explain – Anna Broinowski – SBS
Putuparri and the Rainmakers – Nicole Ma

Best Cinematography In A Documentary
Another Country – Matt Nettheim
Changing Minds: The Inside Story, Episode 1 – Simon Morris, Cian O’Clery – ABC
DNA Nation, Episode 3 – Simon Morris – SBS
In the Shadow of the Hill – Dan Jackson

Best Editing In A Documentary
Hitting Home, Episode 1 – Andrew Cooke, Philippa Rowlands ASE – ABC
In the Shadow of the Hill – Steven Robinson ASE, Dan Jackson
Remembering the Man – Nickolas Bird ADG, Tony Stevens ASE, Eleanor Sharpe ADG
Snow Monkey – Nick Meyers ASE

Best Original Music Score In A Documentary
The Diplomat, the Artist and the Suit – Amanda Brown AGSC – ABC
In the Shadow of the Hill – Kevin Kiner
Michelle’s Story – Elena Kats-Chernin, Alies Sluiter – ABC
Monsieur Mayonnaise – Cezary Skubiszewski AGSC

Subscription television

Subscription Television Award For Best Female Presenter
Maggie Beer – Great Australian Bake Off – Foxtel/Lifestyle Food
Shaynna Blaze – Selling Houses Australia – Foxtel/Lifestyle
Donna Hay – Donna Hay, Basics to Brilliance – Foxtel/Lifestyle Food
Margaret Pomeranz – Stage & Screen – Foxtel/Arts

Subscription Television Award For Best Male Presenter
Charlie Albone – Charlie’s Chelsea Garden 2015 – Foxtel/Lifestyle
Morgan Evans – 6th Annual CMC Music Awards – Foxtel/Country Music Channel
Stan Grant – Crimes That Shook Australia– Foxtel/Crime+Investigation
David Speers – PM Agenda & Speers Tonight – Sky News

Subscription Television Award For Best Live Event Production
2015/16 Hyundai A-League Adelaide United v Western Sydney Wanderers – Murray Shaw, Geoff Bullock – Foxtel/Fox Sports
6th Annual CMC Music Awards – Olivia Hoopmann, Duane Hatherly S.P.A – Foxtel/Country Music Channel
The Helpmann Awards 2015 – Olivia Hoopmann, Duane Hatherly S.P.A, Jon Nicholls – Foxtel/Arts
Sky News 2016 Election Coverage – David Speers – Sky News

Subscription Television Award For Best New Talent
Matilda Brown – Let’s Talk About – Presto
James Rochford – Not the NRL News – Foxtel/Fox Sports
Zac & Jordan Stenmark – Australia’s Next Top Model – Foxtel/Fox8
George H. Xanthis – Open Slather – Foxtel/The Comedy Channel

Visual effects or animation

Best Visual Effects Or Animation
Game of Thrones – Sept Wildfire Destruction – Joe Bauer, Steve Kullback, Sam Conway, Hubert Maston, Anthony Smith – Foxtel/Showcase
Game of Thrones ‘Battle of the Bastards’– Glenn Melenhorst, Ineke Majoor – Foxtel/Showcase
Gods of Egypt – Andrew Hellen, James Whitlam, Julian Dimsey
X-Men: Apocalypse – Quicksilver Extraction – John Dykstra, Matt Sloan, Blondel Aidoo, Cameron Waldbauer

Hair and makeup

Best Hair And Makeup
A Place to Call Home – Wizzy Molineaux – Foxtel
Cleverman – Kath Brown, Simon Joseph, Troy Follington – ABC
Gods of Egypt – Lesley Vanderwalt, Lara Jade Birch, Adam Johansen
Hacksaw Ridge – Shane Thomas, Larry Van Duynhoven


  1. A bit disappointed that Deep Water: The Real Story didn’t get a nomination for Best Documentary. Perhaps it didn’t screen in time for the nomination cut off ?

  2. Good to see Rake and some of it’s cast nominated for the fourth season.

    Also good to see Matt Nable from Barracuda being nominated. He was great in it.

  3. I can kind of see why.

    Kettering is the only local Foxtel series i’ve gotten through an entire series of within the past 5 years… Lasted 3 eps with SC.

    They still have my subscription thanks to HBO.

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