Airdate: Credlin & Keneally

Former Premier & Chief of Staff will front yet another political commentary show on SKY.


Former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally and former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Tony Abbott Peta Credlin, will front a new political commentary show Credlin & Keneally for SKY News.

Keneally previously fronted Keneally and Cameron, while Peta Credlin signed with SKY earlier this year.

Keneally said: “It’s great to have the opportunity for Peta and I to explore, engage and probe the policy and politics of the day in this format. I expect a free flowing conversation, and that there will be times we surprise each other and viewers on where we agree, and where we don’t.”

Credlin added: “This show won’t be political debate as usual. Sure we will discuss what’s happening but we’re also keen to explore why it is happening and why it matters. It will be a rare chance to take people behind the play and with our mix of federal / state, Labor / Liberal, front line / back office experience, I reckon we cover the field.”

According to SKY, the show marks the channel’s “first regular program in primetime to be led by two female co-anchors.”

Wednesdays from 16 November at 8:00pm on SKY News.

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