Airdate: Man Up

Radio presenter Gus Worland hopes to "change our minds about what it means to be an Aussie man."


Radio presenter Gus Worland presents a 3 part factual series, Man Up, which hopes to “change our minds about what it means to be an Aussie man.”

The series, which airs as part of Mental As week, challenges views on the stereotypical Australian man and asks how the average Aussie bloke actually faring?

Enter Gus Worland: son, husband, father of three and professional talker. Captain of Triple M’s Grill Team (“the manliest show on radio”), Gus is a typical Aussie bloke who loves his sport, loves his family and loves his mates. Gus is steeped in the world of men and cares about the issues that affect them. But this series will follow him on an emotional and personal journey like he’s never experienced before.

In 2006, Gus lost one of his best mates, Angus, to suicide. Angus was one of the 2000 men that take their own life in Australia every year – many of whom show little or no warning signs, sending devastating ripple effects through families, friends and society as a whole.

A decade on, Gus is still bewildered by the death of his friend, who always seemed so strong and charismatic. “He was a hero to me. This awesome, untouchable, always positive guy. The kind of guy you went to for answers.” He can’t understand why Angus didn’t reach out for help.

As he looks to find out why, Gus discovers a frightening link between the stoic ideals of manhood that so many men struggle to uphold– and the unacceptably high male suicide rate in Australia. Is the pressure to harden up making men crack?

8:30pm Tuesday October 11 on ABC.

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