Airdate: One of Us

This 4 part drama by the writers of The Missing has been described as "Tarantino meets Shakespeare."


2016 UK drama One of Us will premiere on BBC First in mid-November.

The story sees two families ripped apart by a seemingly senseless tragedy.

The 4 part series written by Harry and Jack Williams (The Missing) and has been described as “Tarantino meets Shakespeare.”

It stars Juliet Stevenson, Joanna Vanderham, Joe Dempsie, John Lynch, Julie Graham, Laura Fraser, Georgina Campbell and Gary Lewis.

Inseparable childhood sweethearts, Grace Douglas and Adam Elliot grew up side by side in remote rural Scotland, their two family homes the only houses for miles. Now living together in Edinburgh, they are recently married and full of hope for the future – until their young lives are cut short by a brutal murder.

The Douglases and Elliots are fiercely different families, split by old rifts but forced together in rage and grief. When the man who killed Grace and Adam crashes into their lives, they face a choice that will have dark consequences for all of them.

One family suffocated by religion and duty, suppressing secrets that should have been confronted long ago. Another abandoned by a father and husband, each facing personal battles that might prove too much to bear.

As they stumble down the path they’ve chosen, truth and morality become obscured. The death of Grace and Adam is just the start of this dangerous journey, one that will twist and turn until its devastating end. When the difference between right and wrong becomes clouded, how do you choose? And how do you cope with what follows?

Mondays at 8.30pm from November 14 on BBC First.

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