Airdate: Sydney Harbour Patrol

Discovery turns its cameras onto one of the world's most stunning harbours for a new 2 part factual.


Discovery turns its cameras onto one of the world’s most stunning harbours for Sydney Harbour Patrol.

The two part series from WTFN will feature marine police, salvage teams, ship yards and environmental protection units.

This was originally announced as a 6 part series with the working title Sydney Harbour Uncovered.

The iconic Sydney Harbour attracts more than 40 million visitors a year and covers 317 kilometres of shoreline. It’s the largest and one of the busiest natural harbours on earth. In Discovery Channel’s new series, Sydney Harbour Patrol, meet the people who work day and night to keep one of the world’s busiest harbours flowing smoothly.

The two-part series, Sydney Harbour Patrol goes behind the scenes of the world famous waterfront to focus on the vital work done by the marine police, salvage teams, ship yards and environmental protection units to ensure the safe passage of shipping, safety of the public and protection of Sydney Harbour’s natural marine life. This all-access docu-series takes you alongside a number of the key workers who often risk their lives to keep the port operational.

Sydney Harbour is a complex web of shipping, tourism, industry, culture and commerce. It’s a mammoth logistical challenge for the people who keep it running. Former soldier Brendan Booth puts his life on the line every day diving to repair damaged wharves or salvaging stricken vessels, while Sydney native and salvage worker Andy Wilson assists with the dirty work above the water. Construction site supervisor Ron Peach is in charge of multi-million dollar projects around the harbour and has to fight the challenging conditions to stay on schedule. Luke Dwyer runs the yard at Sydney City Marine, servicing and repairing everything from engineering barges to luxury yachts. Fisheries officer Joel Cox patrols the waters and shores of the harbour protecting the environment and wildlife from poachers and illegal fishermen, while NSW Marine Area Command officer Gerard Hollands has 16 years of policing experience to rely on when tackling crime on the harbour and keeping the population safe.

With unprecedented behind the scenes access, Sydney Harbour Patrol reveals a side to one of the world’s most beautiful cities that is rarely seen.

Sunday 30 October at 7:30pm on Discovery.

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