Airdate: The Supervet


Move over Dr Chris and Dr Harry?

SBS is screening UK series The Supervet later this month, profiling Surrey veterinarian Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick.

This series follows Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, known as the ‘bionic vet’, and the team at Fitzpatrick Referrals in the heart of Surrey in England, as he performs cutting-edge surgeries on some of the country’s cutest and most in need pets.

The series captures the highs and lows of a working veterinary practice, and explores the power of unconditional love between people and their pets.

Each episode, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick meets with patients and their fluffy companions to see what he can do to improve the lives of these pets, and as a result, their owners too. Whether it’s utilising regenerative medicine or putting pins in to straighten a paw, the techniques used by Professor Fitzpatrick demonstrate his forward thinking and innovative approach to what he does.

In addition to the genius of his work, it’s hard not to love this animal saving surgeon who is so passionate about helping his patients and their animal families. From cracking jokes in consultations to calling the owners himself after each operation, Dr Noel Fitzpatrick’s warmth and authenticity comes across in all of the work that he does.

With fixed cameras in the practice waiting room and behind the scenes, The Supervet captures the raw emotion, drama, and playfulness of Noel and his staff as they treat the pets in their care.

The Supervet continues to show how by giving back to our animal friends, we are making the world a better place one pet at a time.

Monday, 24 October at 7.30pm on SBS.

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