1. As a mad Survivor fan I thought they did a brilliant job – and with the sound down you couldn’t have picked if you were watching Aus or US (apart from the host). But a few things could be tweeked –

    1. Need a live results/reunion show
    2. Shorten the season to 39 days
    3. Lessen the amount of tribe swaps – was silly when Sue went across to the other tribe so most of the tribe had to sit out the next challenge as there were too many people in the tribe!!
    4. Stop giving away secrets at Tribal Council!!!! Johnathon asked way to many questions and secret plans were exposed that killed the suspense of the vote.

    But well done Kristie! Thought she was nuts voting out Flick but she owned the final Tribal – it was Lee’s to lose and he just sat there and didn’t fight for it. Kristie Outplayed, Outwitted and Outlasted – congrats to her.

  2. bettestreep2008

    Excellent finale and a genuine ‘geek’ won and beat a ‘power couple’. And did my eyes deceived me? The votes were 8 to 1 in favour of Kristie. Obviously Elle voted for Lee.

    Only disappointment for me was the lack of a reunion episode. I am guessing Ten will do one later when all the contestants are available.

    Speaking of which – next year reduce the contestants to 18 and shorten the series to 39 days and a tightly edited 13 episodes.

    Kristie survived 56 days – much more than the million dollar American Survivor winners.

  3. Great result for Aus Survivor. An amazing series with an amazing potentially iconic finale.

    I do hope that they do a live vote reveal/reunion next year. I liked how they did it this year but there was apperantily a winner leak, as some of the betting sites picked Kristie from week 2. To stop that from happening, they should go live.

  4. Great results for this season of Australian Survivor.
    Have so enjoyed it – very much looking forward to the next one.
    Hopefully no handpicking teams next time to make it a more level playing field…

    • timmydownawell

      Hope you don’t mind me jumping in here, but I have been logging these figures. Excluding the “winner announced” peak, Survivor averaged just under 692,000 per episode – based on the five capital city overnight figures.

        • timmydownawell

          Yep. If they could schedule the next season so it is not up against Block reveals it would definitely do better! If I leave the Launch in and take the rest of the Sundays out it averages 717,000.

    • I’ve been keeping track of the time shifted figures. So with the time shifted figures added Wk1-Wk9 averaged at approx 770,000. Including finale week’s overnight figures the series averaged at 780,000. Hopefully when finale week’s figures are added it’ll reach a series average of 800,000.

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