Big Bang marathon is a big deal for 7flix


Some years ago one network used to often point out to me that Nine was flooding its schedule with Big Bang Theory episodes.

“Another 3 episodes of each program are on tonight across both GO and Nine,” I was told.

Yet on Tuesday night 7flix screened six episodes back to back from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. It scored an underwhelming 1.7% share.

Another marathon is scheduled next Tuesday.

7flix is of course the channel that once promised a movie at 8:30pm every night.

Just sayin’…!


  1. 7flix is now following a very similar path to GO!’s first year or two. A great concept at first with a programming objective quickly abandoned to make way for (what they hope will be) ratings.

  2. 7flix was always the panic channel after Nine launched 9Life. This just confirms there was never any real plan behind the channel. They just had to have it to match Nine

  3. Wanted to record “Con Air” last night on 7flix. Realised I couldn’t as my PVR is the Foxtel box and they don’t carry 7flix. Who is responsible for this situation, Seven or Foxtel, and is there any hope on the horizon of a resolution? For my $90 a month Foxtel should do better.

  4. And last night Seven played three episodes from 9.38pm, and I noticed at least on on 7Flix, while GO! had an episode on at the same time. Then there are the episodes on Comedy Channel.
    It’s the same in the US, when I was there in August, reruns were on CBS, TBS, and TheCW. And that’s just the channels the hotels had available, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s on more.

  5. Mr game show fan

    If I wanted to view 6 episodes of Big Bang Theory in a row, I would put on one of the DVDs.
    Saves me roughly 48 minutes of commercial time.

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