Erik Thomson hints at more 800 Words

800 Words - ep 1 28 (c) 2015 SPP

Sounds like good news for fans of 800 Words, with star Erik Thomson posting a message on Instagram yesterday.

“Ok, tune in tonight for our MID-SEASON FINALE, meaning, as no one else will say it, we have more to come sooner rather than later (hopefully). Two great eps back to back, laughter tears and yes a bit of a shock/ surprise ending that will springboard nicely into our next season. Enjoy and thanks for watching over these past 7 weeks. Xx”

It sounds promising for the NZ-based drama, produced by South Pacific Pictures for Seven.

Thomson’s post sounds like more has been filmed for the series already.

Seven is often coy about the number of episodes per season (for fear of rival networks working out their scheduling plans) and Thompson knows well that Packed to the Rafters was halted mid series with a pseudo-finale, with part II moved to the following year.

Either way this sounds good for the show which rose in the ratings last night (and still draws a big crowd through Timeshifted viewing) with a better lead-in than Zumbo’s Just Desserts was giving it.


  1. I have really enjoyed the show, but last night showing fifteen-year-olds sleeping together was a bit much. It is a quality show that can hold the audience without resorting to unrealistic bed-hopping.

  2. Great news, whether the other night was the mid-season, or season final.
    This is such an entertaining show, that even my TWD-, GoT-addicted husband loves. Long may we indulge in it’s quirky, laid-back vibe.

  3. Great news. I really like this show – not quite in the league of Sea Change but still a lovely, quirky atmosphere about it.
    S2 hasn’t rated nearly as well as S1 but probably because of all the competition on other channels.

  4. Im confused. Was last nights episodes the end of series 2 and we await an announcement on s3 or was it still part of series 2 and we see the rest of it next year? If so I hate it when 7 do that. They did this to winners and losers and people lost interest.

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