First week of SBS VICELAND programming


US content will dominate the first week of programming on SBS VICELAND.

A showcase of highlights will screen on launch day, from 4pm Tuesday November 15.

Daytime programming will retain foreign news bulletins from Overnight until 4pm.

Other confirmed programming is as follows:

4pm Man vs Fly (UK) rpt
4:05pm Daria rpt
4:35pm Vice News Tonight (US)
5:05pm The Feed
5:35pm If You Are The One (China) rpt
6:35pm Wed: Vice World of Sports (US)
7pm Vice News Tonight (US)
7:30pm The Feed
8pm Brooklyn Nine Nine (US)
8:30pm Weediquette (US)
9:30pm Weediquette (US)
10:15pm Movie
11:50pm Vice News Tonight (US)
12:20am The Feed

4pm Man vs Fly (UK) rpt
4:05pm Daria rpt
4:35pm Vice News Tonight (US)
5:05pm The Feed
5:35pm If You Are The One (China) rpt
6:35pm Dead Set on Life (US)
7pm Vice News Tonight (US)
7:30pm The Feed
8pm Adam Ruins Everything (US)
8:30pm Black Market (US)
9:25pm Cyberwar (US)
10:20pm Movie
12:15am Vice News Tonight (US)
12:45am The Feed

4pm Daria rpt
4:35pm Vice News Tonight (US)
5:05pm The Feed
5:35pm If You Are The One (China) rpt
6:30pm Cyberwar (US) rpt
7pm Vice News Tonight (US)
7:30pm A-League (Live in all states AEDT)
10:15pm Vice World of Sports rpt
10:45pm Movie
12:35am Vice News Tonight (US)
12:45am The Feed

1pm A-League rpt
3:10pm Viceland presents: Cut Off (US) rpt
4pm States of Undress rpt
4:55pm Cyberwar (US) rpt
5:55pm If You Are the One (China) rpt
7:10pm Vice World of Sports (US) rpt
7:40pm King of the Road (US)
8:30pm Movie
10:50pm Movie
12:55am Weediquette rpt

Sunday and Monday programming are yet to be revealed, with SBS already confirming SBS PopAsia 9am Sunday, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee 8pm Tuesdays, Gaycation 8:30pm Tuesdays. South Park times are yet to be confirmed.

Amongst the shows that appear to be ending with SBS 2 are Billy on the Street, Community, The Mindy Project, Derren Brown, Russell Howard’s Good News, Survivor Games With Bear Grylls, Big Trouble In Thailand, Where The Wild Men Are With Ben Fogle, Halfworlds, 12 Monkeys, Green Room With Paul Provenza, Great Minds With Dan Harmon, Fameless, Lost Girl, Food Booze And Tattoos  (NB: some of these were repeats).

Mythbusters will conclude its final episode before the switch to VICELAND on November 13.

You can download the first week’s guide here.


  1. Great the few shows I watch on SB2 will be gone.
    I guess the main thing to keep in mind is: it’s not so much the content a channel starts with as what the channel endings up becoming

    • Not clear. I think we would need to wait until the 12 months window is up for UnReal for example. They could still go to SBS On Demand or even SBS as Outlander is doing. S2 of UnReal is all about diversity in Reality TV so I guess they could justify it….?

  2. Adam Ruins Everything is the only show that stands out to me, but I am up to date with the US airings, so I guess I won’t be switching over. Also, they should have this as a proper 24hr channel, then move the world new programming to NITV and rename it SBS NC (News and Culture). It might help increase NITV’s low viewership and allow Viceland to increase it’s output, whether that is repeating the previous night’s programming the following day, or additional content for the afternoons.

    • Yeah, the channel really has a split personality with the foreign news / VICE programming. If they moved the news to NITV, then they could keep some of the old SBS 2 programming. Remains to be seen, but I think this is a big misstep from SBS. Why not keep the current branding and just buy best to VICE programs for a nightly programming block?

      • According to media reports that’s actually what Nine wanted to do, to have a Vice programming block on one of its channels (presumably 9Go), but Vice insisted that any such deal included a full channel re-brand, which 9 wasn’t keen on doing, but SBS it seems was OK with it.

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