Gone: How to Get Away with Murder. Bumped: Quantico


7flix has made some changes to US programming.

How to Get Away with Murder is now out of schedule and a return date is not confirmed.

Here are current times:

Scandal 12.10am Tuesday 25 October (or Monday night if you prefer). Scandal‘s regular time is normally 11:30pm Mondays but follows a longer movie next week.

Agents of SHIELD  10.30pm Tuesday 25 October
Quantico  11.30pm Tuesday 25 October


  1. Can’t they just put it straight onto plus 7. It’s halfway through an excellent storyline involving the fire at Keatings house and her being arrested . How can they just get rid of it all together. So annoying. I hope I don’t see any online spoilers that will ruin the storyline

    • I know!!’ How stupid is this. Even more so because earlier on channel 7 this evening they ran an ad for 7flix saying you can catch all the latest US dramas and the ad mentioned Greys, & Hoe to Get Away with Murder. Talk about ripped off. To make things worse theyve got some silly old chick flick. Ughhh

  2. I’m so annoyed by this. it’s halfway through the season, it’s a serialised storyline and there’s no rescheduling of the show. I don’t care if it’s on later in the evening or a different day, just that it comes on fast tracked. Fans of US dramas like this often get short changed these days.

  3. carolemorrissey

    Well that totally sucks. I love How to get away with murder & now it will be almost impossible not to get spoilers before it eventually comes back here. And whatever happened to Code Black? It just disappeared a few weeks ago for no reason.

  4. The only good thing about the changes are I now have less overlapping shows on Monday for my DVR to record!
    I understand HWTGAWM doesn’t appeal to everyone but surely it could fit in somewhere late night so at least we can record it or catch up on Plus7?

  5. This happens with each entertainment digital channel. At first it is quite exciting because they show a variety of shows at decent times. But inevitably they move towards shows that are more general and already seen on their main channels. The blind chase for ratings points is so frustrating to people who would still like to follow theire favorite shows in the traditional way.

  6. The issue I take with this is: the previous Tuesday that Agents of SHIELD was on 7Flix got 1.2% and this Tuesday – with the Big Bang a-thon – Flix got 1.7% an increase of 0.5%. Does this 0.5% make a huge difference overall to the network? if so what do they do with extra 0.5%?

  7. What is the point of these secondary channels? I understand moving a show from the primary channel when it does not rate well, but to move it to a late night slot on the secondary channel, then bump or dump it the following week because it does not rate is beyond me. All the shows listed in this article should be at 8.30pm to allow maximum exposure, no one wants to wait up til almost midnight. A prime example is surprisingly The Big Bang Theory. When it first came here, it had little success on Nine. With it being pushed as the draw card for GO!, it ended up being a digital channel ratings hit, and then brought back to the primary channel to the point of over saturation. I no longer watch any US shows on FTA, because I can’t be assured it’ll be there the following week.

    • That is just it, is it not? These are some quality US shows if you like that type of show, which I do but I think I have now successfully weaned myself off all FTA US shows similar to you. The thing is, there is plenty other things to watch so I am not going to chase these shows online either, when I stop watching on TV I stop watching them altogether.

    • “A prime example is surprisingly The Big Bang Theory. When it first came here, it had little success on Nine.”

      Not so sure that was really the case. Sure, it wasn’t the ratings blockbuster it later became – but it grew from regularly appearing in the top-25 overnights when it started on 9 in late 2007, to being a solid regular in the top-5 overnights in 2009 before GO! even launched…

  8. Is it too much to ask for a program to start on the same channel, at the same time for the duration of a season? OK rhetorical question as we know that is impossible with 7 and 9.

    I have now officially given up on How to get away with murder. Seeing I have to manually/weekly go to record Quantico as the IQ box can’t series link 7flix I think now is also a good time to give that up…

  9. All I can say is thank goodness I can record them to watch later and series link / season pass so I don’t have to trawl through schedules trying to find them. Seems to be happening to most US shows now.

  10. Thanks David. I did miss this weeks episode as it had moved without warning. I love that the multi channels is meant to give us more choice but it still means we have to chase a show around the schedule and have it pulled mid-season!

  11. What a shame to bump all these (mostly) semi-fasttracked shows to late night slots, but 7flix’s share on Mondays was woeful. I suppose they had to act. Just a shame they weren’t rewarded for actually doing the right thing and airing new US drama at a decent time.

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