Home Shopping replaces Saturday Disney

News and Home Shopping replace long-running kids show -but 7flix still has Disney titles.

57c4c7a44537f_blurb_190916_img_4811_1bs9ht1-1bs9ht4Last weekend Saturday Disney ended after 26 years on Seven.

Replacement programming is not ideal for kids with NBC Today Show now airing 5-7am on Seven.

It’s even less enticing in its other timeslot on 7TWO replaced by Home Shopping until 7:30am, when branded content The Travel Bug begins.

However so far there are still Disney titles on 7flix from 6am including Austin & Ally, Dog with a Blog, Kirby Buckets, Lab Rats, I Didn’t Do It, Mighty Med and Jessie.

Seven advises it has a new executive producer in charge of children’s programming. Following on from the success of Beat Bugs it has more titles in development, to be announced later.

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  1. 7 Flix has gone to crap pretty quickly… I liked it when it first started but they changed a few months back and not for the better. I’m a late night person & it was fun to watch some of those old 80’s sitcoms they used to play but now all the play are movies from the 30’s & 40’s and they repeat them constantly. If I had a dollar for every time they have aired “The Gay Falcon” in the last few months, I’d have $9.00. Its on again this week.

  2. Unfortunately the new cartoon series shown on Saturday Disney have disappeared again, only 6 episodes of Gravity Falls (Season 2) were shown, with no sign of any more.

    7Flix is usually all repeats, new Disney series are rarely shown.

  3. No 7flix here. I noticed they have been advertising that we should watch lots of new season shows on their app. Honestly, I’d rather buy seasons on the Apple TV or streaming. No ads and no app.

  4. I am watching NBC Today Show now ….still plenty of kids programming…I just checked Freeview guide…
    Nine …Go…Eleven ..and ABC 2….Seven may have trouble regaining those lost little eyes.

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