Hot Seat marks 1500th episode

Under pressure from The Chase, Hot Seat manages to reach a milestone.


It may be under pressure from The Chase but tomorrow Hot Seat will mark its 1500th episode.

That’s a very good run given Nine threw a number of shows to combat Deal or No Deal (Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune, anyone?).

To date the show has given away $38 million dollars to over 9000 contestants, including the elusive $1M prize to South Australian father, Edwin Daly, in August.

“It’s a lot of shows and it’s a lot of questions, but most of all it has been a lot of fun,” McGuire said. “Meeting the contestants and watching how we’ve helped change their lives has been a constant source of great enjoyment for me and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

Executive Producer Steve Gilbert said: “2016 has been a massive year for Millionaire Hot Seat. No matter the prize won, we’ve changed many lives on this quiz show and we hope to keep doing so in the future.”

5:30pm (it’s never 5:30pm!) Wednesday October 12th on Nine.

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