If it’s Monday it must be Jessica Mauboy night

Ratings: Jessica Mauboy helps Seven to win Monday, while Sally Faulkner's Australian Story Pt 2. dips once more.


Seven built its Monday night around Jessica Mauboy, first performing in The X Factor ahead of a timeslot win by The Secret Daughter.

The drama drew 836,000 viewers, slightly down on last week’s 862,000, but proving to be a sustained audience. It finished ahead of Have You Been Paying Attention? with a strong 766,000 and Nine’s Hyde & Seek (656,000), slightly up on last week. TEN’s quiz show topped two demos last night. But TEN dropped the ball once the show was over.

The Block again won its slot over X Factor and Australian Survivor which were both neck and neck.

The second part of Sally Faulkner’s Australian Story dipped again for ABC, from 688,000 to 642,000.

Seven network won the night with 29.5% then Nine 27.1%, ABC 19.2%, TEN 18.9% and SBS 5.2%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.02m / 1.02m for Seven then The Secret Daughter (836,000), The X Factor (756,000), Home and Away (701,000), The Chase (612,000 / 374,000) and The Catch (403,000 / 209,000).

The Block (946,000) led for Nine then Nine News (910,000 / 908,000), A Current Affair (831,000), Hyde and Seek (656,000), Hot Seat (504,000) and Australian Crime Stories (378,000).

ABC News (789,000) was best for ABC followed by 7:30 (723,000), Australian Story (642,000), Four Corners (529,000), Q&A (507,000) and Media Watch (493,000).

Have You Been Paying Attention? (766,000) topped TEN’s night. Australian Survivor drew 750,000, The Project was 609,000 / 352,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 430,000, Life in Pieces was 292,000 and The Odd Couple was just 125,000.

The Supervet (216,000), The Supervet: Bionic Stories (174,000), SBS World News (145,000) and For the Love of Meat with Matthew Evans (86,000) rounded out the night for SBS.

7mate’s Highway Patrol (261,000) topped multichannels.

Today: 328,000
Sunrise: 312,000
ABC News Breakfast: 91,000 / 52,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 24 October 2016

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  1. It’s important to note that both ‘The Secret Daughter’ and ‘Hyde and Seek’ added over 200k each in timeshifted figures last Monday. If that occurs again, the former could actually be the top-rated show of the night! If that had occurred in the overnight figures, it would be a huge story imo.

  2. I am enjoying The Secret Daughter,and i’m glad it’s doing well in the ratings.But I must say it’s disconcerting how Jesisca Mauboy keeps bursting into song without any warning.It’s almost like a musical at times.Maybe they should go all the way and turn it into a full scale musical,with everyone singing?

  3. No wonder Jessica won.Never seen a station promote her so much.
    She will be reading the news next.
    Watched xfactor then Hyde & Seek. Enjoying the action.
    Keep us informed on the Today vs Sunrise ( who wins )

  4. I liked the way Phoebe played, but she ran out of allies way too early. It is a mixture of luck as well as tenacity. Whoever wins deserves it regardless of how they have played the game……anything goes

  5. Sorry giving up on the Shit Factor on 7 as they did it again to let all the good talents go. Idea for 7: keep 50% vote among the judges (judges cannot vote on their own talents) on the performances and then 50% vote from the public to make it a bit fairer?

    1. I switched off at the point when the host was desperately trying to create drama and fighting amongst the judges by asking Mel B which act she thought their mentor had let down. Even Mel B seemed frustrated by the line of questioning asking him to move it along but the awkward questions just kept coming. The producers of the show need to be replaced, they’re ruining this show with contrived rubbish.

  6. I have been a late comer to Aus Survivor and had been enjoying it and been frustrated by it in equal measures. The lack of balls by Kristie has seen an inevitable conclusion that Lee or El will win tonight. So this has been a big let down from what has been a well produced Australian show.

    For me Flick deserved to win it. Love or loath her, she has played “the game” best. Lee has also played the game well, but a bit of lustre has come off his good guy persona over the last few episodes. Both are at the opposite ends of the character trait, but Survivor is a show where you can reward the villain just as equally as the hero.

    Unless Kristie will immunity tonight it will be a dull affair, which the show doesn’t deserve.

      1. Maybe but the bottom line is that she is still there and got a 1 in 3 chance of winning. That is more than anyone of the shaking heads and rolling eyes on the jury can say…

        If the bookies are to be trusted she will win immunity tonight and probably take Lee to the final…and end up winning as the least hated person of the two.

        For me, I agree with Neil that Flick should have won as she was the only one that appeared to actually play the game and she played it hard.

        1. Yes, incredibly frustrating gameplay by Kristie.
          Thought perhaps she had a plan but now appears she’s just confused and deluded.
          Agree that Flick ,unlikeable as she is,deserves to win because she has played the game hard. Also she is one of the few players to have made the game interesting.
          A shame Kate Campell is not still there -she was my fave.

          1. I think delusional would be the best description. She keeps saying that she in in control, but to to me she is only in control of the shirt tail she is being dragged along with. That scene where Flick and Matt wanted to take her away from Lee and El for talk and she virtually clutched onto Lee’s arm was disappointing to say the least.

            If Joe and the bookies are right about her being in the top 2 – then I would vote for Lee. There was a lot to admire about his play and ethos, but at the end you can almost see the panic in his eyes and a revelation behind that nice guy persona. Of the remaining 3, he would be my pick.

          2. Completely agree with your points. If Kristie made a move, it would give her at least some credibility with the jury. She even commented how the jury was falling out of their seats in response to her inaction. I think Kristie focused too much on final 2 and not enough on how she’ll be perceived by the jury.

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