Lost Avengers episode found


“The Tunnel of Fear,” a lost episode of The Avengers has been uncovered.

The episode from the first season of the series was found in a private collection by Kaleidoscope, a group dedicated to research and preservation.

“The Tunnel of Fear” first aired as episode #20 on August 5th 1961, starring Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Ian Hendry as Dr. David Keel.

Like most of the season, and many other programs, the episode was lost because it was customary for many years to wipe and reuse tapes.

The synopsis reads: “Top secret information is leaking into Europe from somewhere in Southend and is it a coincidence that Harry Black, a recent escapee from prison, worked in the funfair? Closer examination reveals that the Ghost Train is more scary than it looks and Wickram is arranging the leaks. Trick cigarettes allow Steed to bluff the enemy into submission and Black is proved innocent: he was hypnotised and framed.”

Kaleidoscope is planning to screen “The Tunnel of Fear” at an event in November.

Source: Spyvibe


  1. Meanwhile in Australia, there only seems to be one season played for as long as I can remember. Diana Rigg was in two seasons, one B&W and one colour, but we only ever get to see the colour season. And never any seasons with other co-stars.

  2. They are making announcements on their Facebook page all this week and next.

    Also announced so far:
    Softly Softly – Talk to Me tx: 2.2.1966
    Dr Finlay’s Casebook – A Questionable Practice tx: 25.10.1963

    More drama, comedy and schools programmes to be announced. No Dr Who in case anyone was wondering.

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