New UnReal showrunner hints at S3 arc


UnReal has a new Showrunner for its third season in Stacy Rukeyser, who was promoted to executive producer last season.

She is taking over for Carol Barbee, who ran the show last season (Marti Noxon, who co-created the show with Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, left the show early in its second season).

Rukeyser has given an interview with Variety which hints at what is to come in the third season:

What are your creative goals for the show?
Most importantly, we always start with Rachel and Quinn. I want to go even deeper into Rachel’s character and her emotional journey. For both of them, we left them in a pretty dire spot at the end of the last season. I want to be truthful to a lot of the things that happened last season. There’s a lot that came out that wasn’t dealt with fully. There’s a lot that was put out on the table that we now need to deal with the ramifications of — emotionally and psychologically, as well as just in terms of how do you continue to produce “Everlasting.” So that’s what we want to do. We’ve talked about slowing down a little bit — there was a lot of plot and story in the second season. We want to make sure we have time to have those more emotional character moments as well, to have the balance of both of those things.

It’s been rumoured that this season will be your take on “The Bachelorette.”
We’re not confirming anything about whether we’re doing that or not. But I think it’s a very interesting possibility, I’ll put it that way. Everything I said about exploding the princess fantasy and what these shows put out there and what they tell women about the way they need to be and what they should expect, you can get it from either side. It’s interesting what different aspects of that you get from different sides, for sure.

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