Nine leads latest drama contest, ABC comedies draw a good crowd.

Ratings: Three more dramas go head to head -four if you count ABC's comedies.


There was another 3 way drama battle last night -four if you add ABC’s comedy- but it turned out to be good news for Nine.

Doctor Doctor rose on last week’s numbers, up 63,000 to 826,000. Upper Middle Bogan was second in its slot at 574,00 for ABC. The Wrong Girl matched the 560,000 it pulled last week and was still strong in demos. Deep Water on SBS was in fifth place at 260,000 behind a Gordon Ramsay outing on Seven.

Earlier in the night The Block won its slot ahead of 7:30, The Bachelorette and Big Music Quiz.

Anh’s Brush with Fame and especially Rosehaven did good business for ABC.

Seven News and ACA were again timeslot winners.

Nine network won with 28.3% then Seven 25.3%, TEN 19.7%, ABC 18.7% and SBS 7.9%.

Nine News was best for Nine with 914,000 / 884,000 then The Block (906,000),  A Current Affair (835,000), Doctor Doctor (826,000) and Hot Seat (500,000). A repeat of Hyde & Seek was 329,000.

Seven News was #1 with 1.01m / 955,000 for Seven then Home and Away (724,000), The Chase (572,000 /  384,000), The Big Music Quiz (562,000), Ramsay’s Hotel Hell (359,000), and The Big Bang Theory (303,000 / 285,000).

The Bachelorette (624,000) led for TEN. The Project drew 589,000 / 383,000, The Wrong Girl was 560,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 416,000, and Madam Secretary was just 213,000.

ABC News (800,000), 7:30 (741,000), Anh’s Brush with Fame (718,000), Rosehaven (603,000), Upper Middle Bogan (574,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (312,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Great American Railroad Journeys (340,000), Deep Water (260,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (201,000) and SBS World News (151,000).

Shaun the Sheep sure was best on multichannels at 280,000.

The Morning Show: 148,000 / 96,000
Today Extra: 114,000 / 60,000
Studio 10: 80,000 / 52,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 12 October 2016

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  1. We Watched Deep water great show told friends about last week and they watched it this week
    cannot wait until the final tonight
    also watched block again as my partner loves it but here we go Scott saying biggest block he needs new material

    1. Deep Water is by far the best local drama screened this year.
      Yes, not perfect but very, very good.
      Dark, gritty, atmospheric. Love that the beaches, coastal scenery and ocean are portrayed as bleak and brooding rather than the bright summer playgrounds they are normally shown as.
      Craig M’s character here is a far cry from that of the amiable, caring Dr Blake.

  2. Australians have strange viewing habits. Deep Water, probably the finest Aussie drama this year, rates only 260,000 viewers and is fifth in it’s time slot. May be the subject matter is too confronting for most, or it’s because it is on SBS.

    1. Both would weigh into the numbers, along with the competition and a simple lack of awareness. It started quite well for SBS from there I think it becomes a Timeshifted option. Will need to see final numbers. Deep Water is not a perfect drama but it has some excellent attributes and I agree one of the year’s better local offerings.

    2. It may well be a great drama, but maybe people are over drama, especially yet another murder drama, or biography/drama -brock- or any crime/dr/ aussie celeb. Rinse & repeat tv just doesn’t cut anymore im afraid

      1. I don’t think we can accuse Deep Water of rinse and repeat. Yes it has procedural elements, but when was the last time we had a drama on homophobia? SBS doesn’t do many dramas but the last few years the ones they have done have been excellent.

        1. I agree completely, most of my viewing is SBS, my point is, and especially for my mind, I see a promo, it either grabs me or it doesn’t, or gets repeated adnauseum & turns me right off. Saw 1 add for Vesailles-couldn’t get enough, love Vikings, Orphan Black, but these are different, drama but a new & exciting premise. I see Dr DR, no, 800 words, seen it, NCIS meh, law & order been there done that, code black ugghh & a dozen other dramas (not all aussi) this year that inspire nothing. My feelings on the Brock drama where established when I first heard the idea- needless to say I passed on it

    3. Sometime in the far distant future, once oztam finally take all the live streaming and catch up viewing into account in the numbers, shows like Deep Water will get a higher showing.

      For now they release 1 report once a week showing catch up services and the latest one was just yesterday – see it here:

      From that you can see Deep Water has been watched online almost 100,000 times. The more catch up TV we watch online, the clearer the picture becomes about what Australians are really watching.

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