Renewed: American Horror Story

US horror anthology wins a seventh season in the US.


American Horror Story has been renewed for a seventh season.

The anthology series by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk has just launched its sixth season where it debuted to over 11 million US viewers in Live+3day viewing.

“Ryan, Brad and their team of remarkable writers have done an amazing job of keeping American Horror Story endlessly inventive, shocking and entertaining, and we are honored to move ahead with them on the seventh installment,” FX Networks and Productions CEO John Landgraf said.

“The sustained success through six installments only proves how intensely the series resonates with fans. AHS confronts our deepest fears with unmatched suspense and style. Each new installment is a cultural event, hotly anticipated for its theme, imagery, cast and twists. We thank the creators and their team, the cast and everyone who has continued to make AHS such an extraordinary series.”

Ryan Murphy is also working on season two of American Crime Story, documenting the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and the period drama Feud, starring Lange and Susan Sarandon as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, respectively.

American Horror Story is currently airing in Australia on ELEVEN.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I think there is more going on in Season 6 than is apparent so far. A big reveal has been suggested for episode 6. I’m also subscribing to the theory that each of the first 5 episodes reference the their correspondingly numbered season – that does appear to be the case to this point. Regardless, I think it’s been great so far, especially episode 3 with Leslie Jordan’s Cricket Marlow character. Also Kathy Bates and, especially, Adina Porter (the latter in a potentially quite dull narrative role) have been superb. I love where it’s going.

  2. A rather surprising move-the current season has been dull and very derivative of the ‘Blair Witch Project’ so far 3 eps in-the structure is also confusing for no apparent reason and wastes the undoubted talent of many of the stars.

    1. Yeah, I have to agree. It’s also boring. I’ve also heard to expect something in ep 6 so I’ll hang on. It’s also highly derivative of The Conjuring.

      Defintely not on par with Murder House, Asylum or Hotel.

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