Returning: Cold Feet. Airdate: The Catch, The Windsors.

Plus a new night for The Big Music Quiz.

Seven has confirmed several schedule changes for next week.

The Big Music Quiz is now screening on a new night, Wednesday October 12th at 7:30pm, with Seven yet to confirm The X Factor for 7pm Sundays.

On Monday October 10 Seven premieres 2016 US drama The Catch at 9:40pm, set to follow The Secret Daughter.

Alice Vaughan is LA’s top private investigator and the type of woman you don’t want to mess with. Having built Anderson/Vaughan Investigations from the ground up with her best friend and business partner, Valerie Anderson, they investigate some of the most elaborate cases around the world, alongside their elite team of private investigators: Danny Yoon, a mischievous and irreverent PI who is not afraid to break the law when necessary to solve a case; and their newest member, Sophie Novak, who serves as their in-house counsel and brilliant hacker.

Cold Feet will replace 800 Words from 8:45pm Tuesday October 11.
The gang are reunited when Adam (James Nesbitt) returns to Manchester after years of working abroad. Whilst Adam travelled the world on business, his 15 year-old-son, Matthew (Ceallach Spellman) chose boarding school and, under the guardianship of Godmother, Karen (Hermione Norris), has turned into a well-adjusted young man, or so it seems. It breaks Karen’s heart to see what Rachel is missing out on, and unlike Adam, she’s not fooled by Matt’s bravado. What this kid needs more than anything right now is his Dad.

UK comedy The Windsors will follow with a double episode at 9:45pm Tuesday October 11.

Prince Charles tries to keep his family in order, but Wills wants to mingle with the people. Pippa, resentful at her sister for bagging a Prince, uses her fantastic arse to lure Harry.

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  1. Wednesday evenings will be much better for the Big Music Quiz as that was the night of Spicks and Specks. Is there any reason why last nights isn’t on Plus7 yet? I missed it due to the rugby grand final.

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